Their Kiss Was Unbreakable.

Be it the most thunderous of maelstroms; with unrelentingly unstoppable winds swiping past them at truculently tumultuous speeds,

Be it the most ominously sinister conglomerate of snakes; viciously tightening their stranglehold upon their impeccably beautiful necks,

Be it the most diabolically insane wave of lunatism; that insidiously crept towards their profusely poignant and interlocked entities,

Be it the most overpowering of thunderously cacophonic sound; that obnoxiously wanted to drown even the most infinitesimal of sound; in their handsomely celestial

Be it the most horrendously asphyxiating of stench; lethally poisoning the blissful atmosphere enveloping their compassionately benign senses,

Be it the most perilously pernicious of bizarre darkness; abhorrently trying to abnegate their heavenly embrace; from its very formidably unassailable roots,

Be it the most unfathomably deep and preposterously treacherous waters; heinously trying to stifle the last iota of their resplendent breath; by satanically drowning them towards the threadbare rock bottom,

Be it the most ghoulishly insipid of spirits incessantly hovering around their innocuous persona; vindictively yearning to ruthlessly snap the fangs of
their ardently flaming love,

Be it the most ferociously cold-blooded lions surreptitiously sauntering by their holistic side; fervently anticipating their opportunity; to salaciously slit their throats into an infinite pieces,

Be it the most torrentially intransigent cloudbursts of ballistic lightening; insurmountably desiring to electrocute their timeless souls; into inconspicuously
unrecognizable ash,

Be it the most hostile superpowers of this boundless unsurpassable Universe; relentlessly raining bombs in indiscriminate tandem; upon their immaculately
melanging bodies,

Be it the most raunchily bawdy seductresses; sleazily gyrating around their visage’s; venomously enduring their best to drift their spell of intractable concentration,
Be it the most remorsefully morbid fleet of bellicose arrows; darting at devilish velocities towards their impeccably harmonious bodies; to uncouthly stab their
divinely sparkling flesh,

Be it the most fiercely inclement blanket of thorns; stealthily waiting to bleed them towards an irrefutably ghastly death; the instant they alighted even the most capriciously fleeting sole of their nimble foot,

Be it the most lecherously lambasting of conventional society; using every iota of their Herculean strength to disintegrate their romantic sensuousness forever
and ever and ever; from the trajectory of this resplendently embellished earth,

Be it the most gigantically towering of mountain tips; trying to unsparingly overwhelm every bit of gregariously scintillating empathy between their
skins; with raw unprecedented power and impregnably superior force,

Be it the most dolorously dwindling dungeons of betrayal; demonically waiting to capsize their eternal friendship; in webs of nonchalantly nondescript nothingness,

Be it the most gory chapters of satanic bloodshed and death; blatantly lingering around their seductively enthralling and ebulliently dancing chests,

And come what may; even as fathomless landscapes of blue sky mercilessly blended with cocoons of ravishing soil; even as the manipulatively commercial demon
abominably overpowered all truth; even as the entire world outside greedily swooned under the scent of currency coil; their kiss grew rose more passionately towards the divine with every unfurling instant; their kiss was immortally unbreakable.


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