There Was A Time

There was a time when i bludgeoned people with my rock iron fists,
now i didn’t even have the vigor to raise my hands.

there was time when i drove my car at swashbuckling speeds,
now my legs quivered at mentions of automobile travel.

there was a time when drank barrels of beer with unprecedented gusto,
now i refrained from drinking even salted water.

there was a time when i cast frivolous glances at young maidens,
now i withdrew miles away from the faintest shadow of females.

there was a time when i clambered up the hill with robust spurts of euphoria,
now i stood at the base and admired the honey golden Sun; tumbling drops of rain.

there was a time when i chewed vicious petals of raw tobacco,
now i confined myself to a bland soup of banana curry.

there was a time when i shouted on the streets creating utter pandemonium,
now i talked in subtle whispers with my spouse; in imprisoned interiors of our home.

there was a time when i gnawed my teeth in the brittle body of sugarcane,
now i satisfied myself with frigid chunks of sour milk cream.

there was a time when i bathed in an avalanche of freezing water; beneath the mountain spring,
now i meticulously poured minuscule tumblers of hot water on my persona.

there was a time wrote sedulously; infinite lines of poignant literature,
now i dictated lethargic notes for my assistants to scribble down.

there was a time when i indulged in rambunctious brawls with my rivals,
now i begged them for perennial harmony with folded hands.

there was a time when there when i bore a thick shock of curly hair on my scalp,
now they had been replaced by frugal fibers of deathly white projecting timidly.

there was a time when i spotted oblivious outlines of bird in the sky,
now i wore high powered glass to distinguish my children.

there was a time when I dismantled rocks that came my way,
now I was petrified to even tread on ants that trespassed the floor.

There was a time when I sobbed at the slightest of provocation,
Now I stared in tranquil contentment even when ridiculed to bizarre limits.

There was a time when I laughed incessantly all Sunlit day,
Now I groped for inexplicably for profound reasons to smile.

There was a time when I romanticized wading through choppy waves of the ocean,
Now I perceived loads of gratification; sitting abreast my innocent siblings.

That was decades when I was bubbling in the zeal of youth,
Whilst now I lay shriveled; discarded as a disdainful liability; in the form of an grizzly hair man.


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