There Was God To Protect Me

There were lids to protect my eyes; shield them against the most turbulent of storm and dust,

There were lips to protect my teeth; accentuate their beauty as they flirtatiously smiled,

There was flesh to protect my bones; ensure that they stayed in perfect synchronization; and my demeanor looked robust and fine,

There was hair to protect my scalp; comfort it against body blows and buzzing fly,

There was stomach to protect my food; churn exquisite dishes from all over the continent into one stream,

There was an obdurate skull to protect my brain; thereby facilitate me to evolve ideas at lightening speeds,

There were nails to protect my fingers and toes; see to it that I defended myself in the acrid times of war,

There were clothes to protect my body; save me from bitter cold and the tiniest of embarrassment,

There were shoes to protect my feet; engendering me to walk even on the smoldering embers of scarlet fire,

There were mesmerizing flamingoes to protect my happiness; prevent me from entering into clouds of gloom,

There was rain to protect my thirst; keep my throat always moist and incredulously tender,

There was a tongue to protect my speech; make me speak the most perfect of words at the most perfect of times,

There was sweat to protect my skin; stop it from drying into a shriveled and an inconspicuous heap,

There were Sun and Moon to protect my perception of time; depict to me exactly every hour I walked on the surface of this earth,

There were mystical lines on my palm to protect my destiny; mold and harness the purpose of my existence,

There was house to protect my family; impart it with the security it overwhelmingly desired in times of fear and night,

There was beloved to protect my heart; hamper it from getting trapped into the aisles of irrevocable frustration,

There was mother to protect my senses; see to it that all my dreams manifested themselves into reality,

And there was God to protect my life; save me from all difficulties and barricades whichever came my way; see to it that I blissfully breathed & lived my full quota of life; till the purpose I had taken birth for on his land; was fully satisfied.


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