When i greedily gulped saline water from sea waves,
fresh centers of thirst got doubly stimulated,
wild freckles of red rash encompassed my lips,
tingling sensations vociferously tickled dreary zones of my mouth,
amalgamated mass of my intestine puked rich chicken bone,
which i had devoured in entirety a few hours ago.

when i licked blotted pools of soiled mud water,
sedately consumed large pints of contaminated liquid,
thoroughly washing tiny morsels of food in my mouth,
scraping rigid tints of yellow from the riveted cluster of teeth,
a host of infections blossomed in my body,
rendering me insipid, feeble, prone to dire consequences of complete extinction.

when i languidly sucked translucent water from coconut shell,
extracted the last drop of juice trapped within cocoons of snow white pulp,
making guttural noises as i relished the drink,
diluted streams of blood revitalized with volatile energy,
abandoning me with poignant traces of contentment,
entrenching me in blissful boundaries of felicity.

as i opened my mouth to gulp crystal white waters of the mountain spring,
spread eagled my palms to embrace the cascading froth,
i felt tumultuous gratification engulfing my persona,
this was the purest form of water i could ever perceive of consuming,
quenching my thirst for minutes immemorial,
scrupulously mending all webs torn by the essence of substitute water.


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