The acrimoniously sweltering sands of the blistering desert; were perpetually thirsty for; unfathomably sparkling tumblers; of heavenly rain water,

The somberly drying stalks of obsoletely dilapidated grass; were intransigently thirsty for; a vivacious kaleidoscope; of resplendently twinkling dewdrops,

The sardonically corrugated and rotting walls of the disastrous graveyard; were insatiably thirsty for; an unsurpassably vibrant entrenchment; of perennially blossoming life,

The pathetically sullen stillness of the murderously quiet valley; was irrevocably thirsty for; an ebulliently mesmerizing cloud; of melodiously enchanting whistles,

The ludicrously scattered and orphaned nestles of the solitarily empty nest; were profusely thirsty for; an impeccable festoon; of compassionately innocuous eggs,

The diabolically worthless skeletons of bizarrely insipid bones; were relentlessly thirsty for; a veritably vital blanket; of crimson blood and boisterous life,

The preposterously gloomy and insidious dungeons; were profoundly thirsty for; an incomprehensibly endless sky; of celestially optimistic light,

The placidly derogatory surface of the lugubriously stagnant pond; was irretrievably thirsty for; an exuberantly enthusing splash; of ravishingly sparkling waves,

The mercilessly thrashed and hopelessly abraded palms; were ardently thirsty for; a marvelously royal globe; of inscrutably magnificent destiny lines,

The ominous periphery of the cloud camouflaged sky; was fervently thirsty for; a glitteringly crystalline garden; of opalescently beaming and amicable stars,

The miserably dusty attic horrendously besieged with sinister cobwebs; was indefatigably thirsty for; an aristocratically blooming civilization; of ubiquitously unending freshness,

The abominably fretting and horrifically stinking gutters; were tirelessly thirsty for; rhapsodically euphoric galleries; of ecstatically jubilant scent,

The languidly indolent and preposterously slow tortoise; were unimaginably thirsty for; tumultuously triumphant thunderbolts; of ebulliently galloping speed,

The desolately neglected and gruesomely corrugated roads; were intractably
greedy for; rambunctiously bustling pyrotechnics; of flamboyantly gallivanting traffic,

The tyrannically whipped contours of haplessly bruised flesh; were unfathomably thirsty for; compassionately silken waterfalls; of priceless empathy and love,

The miserably devastated corridors of the uncouthly bedraggled brain; were
unconquerably thirsty for; enthrallingly spell binding clouds; of tantalizingly serene fantasy,

The ruthlessly frozen avalanches of stringently condensed ice; were incorrigibly thirsty for; passionately overwhelming fireballs; of blazingly sparkling heat,

The gorily mutilated and savagely punctured lungs; were unstoppably thirsty for; an everlastingly evergreen garden; of exotically enamoring and evolving breath,

The salaciously corrupt and manipulatively treacherous corpses of lies; were
irrefutably thirsty for; a tenaciously unflinching and philanthropic; harbinger of truth,

And the dormitories of my despondently impoverished heart; were unsurpassably thirsty for; the invincibly divine mists; of brilliantly pacifying and immortal love.


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