This Very Blessed Instant.

Show me a single candle on the trajectory of this fathomlessly enchanting
Universe; which doesn’t pathetically melt; when its emotionlessly obdurate
wick glares and brilliantly glows?

Show me a single patch of soil on the trajectory of this boundlessly effulgent Universe; which doesn’t lividly wet; even as torrential cloudbursts of rain ferociously plummeted upon it from the carpet of crimson sky?

Show me a single eyelid on the trajectory of this extraordinarily majestic
Universe; which doesn’t subserviently bat; as the profoundly blazing rays of
the Mid-day Sun; permeated right through its impeccable whites?

Show me a single insect on the trajectory of this royally resplendent Universe; which doesn’t meekly yield; even as the unsurpassably indiscriminate dinosaur wholesomely tread upon it?

Show me a single river on the trajectory of this unbelievably burgeoning
Universe; which doesn’t impoverishedly evaporate; as the inexhaustibly sweltering rays of acrimonious Summer fell upon it for marathon
hours of the day?

Show me a single brick on the trajectory of this unfathomably mesmerizing
Universe; which doesn’t profusely lament all night and day for being brutally asphyxiated in the realms of the cadaverously dark foundation?

Show me a single bird on the trajectory of this miraculously ameliorating
Universe; which doesn’t fall on the callously stony ground; as the mercilessly tyrannical hunter shot it straight through it exuberant wings?

Show me a single vein on the trajectory of this marvelously blossoming Universe; which doesn’t tawdrily freeze; when buried several feet beneath
the frigidly Herculean avalanche?

Show me a single stomach on the trajectory of this limitlessly enthralling
Universe; which doesn’t unrelentingly cry; when flagrantly emaciated for
countless hours without even an infinitesimal morsel of food?

Show me a single rock on the trajectory of this insuperably redolent Universe; which doesn’t get forlornly slapped and humiliated in the midst of the ocean; as the undulatingly choppy waves unsparingly splashed against its naked
black breasts?

Show me a single infant on the trajectory of this optimistically Omnipresent
Universe; which doesn’t unstoppably wail; when hedonistically snatched from
the inimitably compassionate belly of its invincible mother?

Show me a single shard of naked iron on the trajectory of this incredulously
igniting Universe; which doesn’t disdainfully rust; when uninhibitedly exposed to the profusely moisture laden atmosphere?

Show me a single artist on the trajectory of this celestially stupefying Universe; who doesn’t feel sacrilegiously hanged till death; when asked to work from a mechanically monotonous 9 to 9; in the coffins of the robotically
commercial office?

Show me a single tortoise on the trajectory of this eclectically bountiful
Universe; who doesn’t tirelessly starve for priceless life; at being atrociously kicked into the 1000 M superfast athlete race?

Show me a single soldier on the trajectory of this iridescently vivacious
Universe; who doesn’t feel like instantaneously committing suicide; rather than being shamefully tortured by the bombastically chauvinistic enemy camp?

Show me a single nightingale on the trajectory of this vibrantly spectacular Universe; which doesn’t feel like an amorphously deadened stone; after being
forced to only stay with the cacophonically groaning frogs in the well?

Show me a single sweat laden armpit on the trajectory of this incomprehensibly spell binding Universe; which doesn’t shrink to the size of a lugubriously inconspicuous mosquito; as the monstrously impotent air of the artificial air-conditioner indefatigably blew over it?

Show me a single nostril on the trajectory of this fantastically proliferating Universe; which doesn’t despairingly strangulate; when ruthlessly held under water without any contraption; for over a few minutes of time?

And I know it before hand; that try as hard as you may; and even if you spent an infinite lifetimes of yours dogmatically searching for the same; you would never be able to find it or for that matter reach even an inane trace near its non-existent scent,

Therefore forget it. Instead I can easily show all of you on the trajectory
of this jubilantly palpitating Universe; a countless hearts still and immortally radiating the tunes of perpetual love for an infinite more births even after the physical body had veritable died; this very blessed instant.


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