This Very Moment When I Was Dying Today

The leaves withered as time passed; falling inevitably on the ground to blend with disdainful chunks of dust,

The roses blossoming radiantly in the valley; knelt their heads in meek submission as the chilly winds and nightfall took complete control,

The lines of the palm bifurcated enigmatically all over in boisterous youth; started fading and diminished to a trifle as the perils of old age took over,

The vivacious mounds of virgin clay which smiled mischievously under the Sun; looked completely battered and bashed as they were indiscriminately trampled by ongoing vehicles and metal tyre,

The eyes which were once able to intricately sort out the inconspicuous needle from the colossal haystack; now looked as specks of dirt behind a factory of thick glass; as the years descended by,

The legs which were springing and tenaciously marching forward at the ripening of dawn; now collapsed in a bedraggled heap at the onset of stark darkness and ghostly night,

The towering castle which was once the pride of the royal emperor; now was a sight in complete shambles; with broken glass and century old cobwebs the only
things welcoming the predecessor’s,

The image which was brighter than scintillating light in sweltering afternoon; now metamorphosed into lanky shadows; trespassing furtively through the fleeting blanket of dusk,

The footprints which were profoundly distinct as the travelers strolled; were now wholesomely erased as the turbulent draught of breeze swept by,

The waves spasmodically swirling towards the skies all throughout the evening; now appeared as placid as the singing angel; when the storm and ferocious cyclone had totally dissipated,

The tongue which was raring to shout deafeningly in open space; now resembled the dying insect; after countless hours of giving speech,

The shock of hair which was once as black as oil trapped within the belly of earth; now appeared as snow white as the man who sat astoundingly near to his grave,
The pristine air of the snow clad slopes which was stupendously clean and enchanting as the cows grazed; now transited into plumes of treacherous black smoke; as the aftermath of war took its gory toll,

The vegetables which were fresh and glowing with sparkling health as I hoisted them from the stores; now transformed into soggy and squalid as I rang the doorbell; utterly exhausted and entered home,

The time which seemed to tick faster than light during examinations; now appeared to be crawling slower than the tortoise as the summer holidays descended by,

The ape man who once could conquer invincible heights with raw muscle and unprecedented power bulging from under his shirt; now seemed to be unable to even lift a finger; as the decades unveiled in quick succession,

The candle which was burning inexorably; illuminating every cranny of the room with its profound shine; now extinguished in entirety with a single kiss of the autumn wind,

The heart which throbbed violently after witnessing the girl of its dreams for the first time; now reduced its intensity a whisker; after spending marathon times together,

But my love for her got all the more stronger as each second unfurled into a minute; as each minute sped into an hour; as each day evolved into a week; as each year evolved into a decade; and no matter how old I became; how frigid the conglomerate of bones in my body converted; I loved her more than I loved her when she first met me; I loved her more than I ever did in my passionate dreams; I loved her more than I had loved her anytime before; this very moment when I was dying today.


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