This Very Nakedness.

Cover it with the most ethereal traces of clouds; insouciantly dying in the wisps of nonchalantly lugubrious oblivion,

Cover it with the most pathetically shriveled of twigs; sprawled in treacherous incoherence amidst the most non-existently disappearing of forests,

Cover it with most fugitive rays of the rainbow; vanishing into the realms of infinite infinity; even before they could fall on the trajectory of celestial earth,

Cover it with the most invisibly deadened of grass blades; indiscriminately trampled into wisps of parasitic nothingness; by the sacrilegiously
marauding devil,

Cover it with the most ghastily painful shards of glass; which stabbed even the most infinitesimal pore of your body; at a billion kilometers per minute,

Cover it with the most disdainfully crinkled of petals; escaping faster than the speed of light; towards the valley of ruthlessly unsparing decay,

Cover it with the most sordidly ignominious gutter water; which inevitably fomented you to vomit out every ounce of your goodness; into a dustbin of
horrific animosity,

Cover it with the most incongruously shattered of blighted beaks; that impregnated such an inexplicably incurable fever in your body; which augmented beyond the realms of eternity; every unfurling minute,

Cover it with the most fecklessly inane bits of feces; which rendered you with such a squalidly bellicose odor; that you were mercilessly rejected by even the
very closest of your compassionate kin,

Cover it with the most inconspicuous strands of the eyelash; which hardly possessed even the most transiently comprehensible identity of their very own,

Cover it with the infant’s very first nascent cry; which perhaps needed an infinite times more of your support; rather than your sadistically leaning upon it,

Cover it with the virgin yolk of the haplessly smashed egg; venomously depriving another woman of her yet unborn child; in order to sequester your unimpeachable identity,

Cover it with the absolute epitome of the jagged mountain; even though it meant that you had indefatigably clamber up its slope; bearing the brunt
of the most viciously slandering of storm and adversity; upon your diminutively shivering chest,

Cover it with the most miserably collapsing threads of the spiders web; which commenced to slip with more and more unstoppable fervor from your shoulders; even before you realized it was actually there,

Cover it with the most undesirably wastrel streams of oil; which sardonically ensured that you could never ever invincibly grip; your loved ones to your
soul’s content,

Cover it with most unceremoniously wailing voices of the eunuch; which made you feel an anomalously wanton mixture; of being both; pugnacious man and salacious woman,

Cover it with the most abnormally glittering caves of gold; which incarcerated every iota of your uninhibitedly ravishing sensitivity; with corpses of unlimited prejudice,

Cover it with the most cadaverously jinxed mud of the morbidly fretful graveyard; which haunted even the most unflinchingly blazing of your premonitions; with the sole desire to die,

Cover it with most cursedly vespered feathers of the lifeless bird; which left every pore of your body almost immediately; with the tiniest draught of whistling wind,

O! Yes do whatever and even the most deliriously demented that you could; but please for heaven sake don’t leave even an indefinable fragment of your flesh
naked; O! sensuously blessed Woman; for it is this very voluptuously igniting nakedness of yours; that metamorphoses even the greatest of saints; philosophers; devotees; and every other old and young man on this limitless Universe; into unforgivably sinful rapists; tormentors; chauvinists and
immoral devils


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