Thoroughly Unemployed

Everyday I stared at the azure sky for long hours; admiring the fiery rays of the Sun in the morning; basking in the glory of the celestial blanket of stars well past after midnight,
While the other human of my kind; meticulously brushed their teeth with stringent toothpaste every morning; exited for monotonous office at the
tick of sharp 9.

Everyday I sat on the sordid wall chewing tangy gum and tantalizing chocolate; executing an armory of flirtatious smiles at every ravishing damsel in the
neighborhood who passed by,
While the other human of my kind; buried his face under a sheaf of bulky papers; listened patiently to the fleet of blatant abuse from his employer with
silent remorse.

Everyday I literally counted the number of cars traversing the streets from my divine balcony railing; drunk rum with uninhibited glee profoundly engrossed
in a voluptuously titillating fantasy of my own,
While the other human of my kind; incessantly engaged himself in apple polishing; ensuring that the company’s profits augmented by leaps and bounds at the cost of his own life.

Everyday I rolled in green grass under the robust afternoon; gallivanted on horses through the meadows; devouring any morsel of food which was congenially offered to me by the farmers,
While the other human of my kind; evolved ingenious policies on the computer; wasted hours of time in sorting his meal with silver forks; and in the end
didn’t relish the slightest.

Everyday I slept till the time I wanted; waking up blissfully as the serene evening descended; leaping acrobatically with the wind as the enchanting night took a vicious stranglehold,
While the other human of my kind; started his preparations well before dawn had unveiled; hardly slept a single wink in the darkness; indefatigably worrying about his performance; and the evading salary cheques which were his only source to please his wife.

Everyday I counted boundless numbers of sheep philandering nimbly on the hills; danced in ecstatic jubilation as the peacock came from behind the trees
after exotic rain,
While the other human of my kind; inexorably cribbed about his destiny; the impoverished state he was in; as his boss didn’t consider him to be with the
contemporary times.

Everyday I went on learning and imbibing the language which I wanted; eccentrically penning down infinite lines of poetry the instants my mind commanded,
While the other human of my kind; peered through the keyhole of his boss’s cabin; praying to God that his chance to enter inside came faster than the
speed of white light.

Everyday I cried uncontrollably; screamed in sheer hysteria whenever my heart felt asphyxiated; had an insatiable urge to pour its imprisoned agony out,
While the other human of my kind; conversed in overwhelmingly soft whispers; used the heaviest slang possible to make his bombastic presence felt amongst
the spurious crowd.

Everyday I walked barefoot; with at times torn rags engulfing my body and a necklace of spooky crabs enveloping my neck; whistling raucously in the air as
I marched gallantly without caring two hoods for the sanctimonious society,
While the other human of my kind; found himself deluged with an unending reservoir of tensions each unveiling hour of the day; craved miserably for an
opportunity to cling to the swanky mike; get his aching hands on the steering wheel of that status Mercedes.

And I went where I wanted; talked what I wanted; did what I wanted with gay abandon as I was thoroughly unemployed; treating each day as a fabulous Sunday although it was the peak of monstrous activity time,
While the other human of my kind; perhaps had tons of more money than I did; perhaps had insurmountable amount of pride in the society more than what I could have ever perceived; but didn’t enjoy even a single minute as the unsurpassable years crept by; infact it was profoundly sad to state that the last day of his life was his one and only Sunday


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