Those Who Breathed It

Those who followed it; became the most blessedly bountiful entities on this fathomless planet; blending with the invincible fortress of perpetual harmony,

Those who dreamt about it; became the most fabulously surreal winds on this wonderful planet; celestially leading each moment of their compassionate lives,

Those who craved for it; became the most aspiring organisms on this mesmerizing planet; relentlessly marching forward to achieve above their defined targets in life,

Those who respected it; became the most learned idols on this boundless planet; stupendously imbibing and executing the symbiotic laws of existence,

Those who embraced it; became the most impregnably powerful lands on this astronomically extraordinary planet; defending the most treacherously mightiest
battles with the tenacity in their souls,

Those who admired it; became the most ardently fabulous artists on this unfathomably wonderful planet; capturing the incomprehensible beauty
lingering around; on their immaculately Omnipotent canvas,

Those who stared at it; became the most passionate philosophers on this magnificently enchanting planet; absorbing even the most infinitesimal iota of
happiness lingering uninhibitedly in free space,

Those who chased it; became the most exhilaratingly adventurous fountains on this charismatically magnetic planet; plunging into a valley of mysticism as each
second wholesomely unveiled itself,

Those who prayed for it; became the most Omnipotently proliferating organisms on this enigmatic planet; unitedly surging forward in the religion of humanity,

Those who worshipped it; became the most majestic endowments on this royally blooming planet; manifesting each of their benevolent dreams into a perpetual reality,

Those who saluted it; became the most bestowed organism on this insatiably gorgeous planet; transforming each instant of monotonously threadbare
life into a sky diffusing resplendently opulently light,

Those who caressed it; became the most sensually romantic whirlpools on this grandiloquently princely planet; unconquerably sizzling to infernos of untamed
desire; as the night unleashed into dazzling day,

Those who danced with it; became the most rhapsodically perennial butterflies on this seductively colossal planet; soaring euphorically in the skies; till times beyond eternal eternity,

Those who kissed it; became the most fantastically compassionate waterfalls on this tantalizing planet; disseminating the immortal essence of peace and love
on every path they merrily philandered through,

Those who preached it; became the most sagaciously learned on this marvelously robust planet; immortalizing the essence of benevolently philanthropic existence,

Those who nostalgically reminisced it; became the most impeccable child on this wonderfully boundless planet; shrugging debilitating disease and disparaging
dilapidation forever,

Those who empathized with it; became the most profusely poignant pearls on this exotically enlightened planet; enshrouding each moment of life with bountifully ecstatic paradise,

Those who breathed it; became the most voluptuously titillating whirlwind which never died; spawning countless of its kind; even as the earth outside interlocked in pugnaciously hostile war and malice,

And even the greatest of God’s bowed down before it; instilling its goodness inevitably; in each organism that they splendidly created; for it was none other


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