When I tried to cross swirling waters of the river on threads of fragile paper,
The contraption disdainfully broke midway; and I hurtled down at astounding speeds to blend with the cold water.

When I tried to clamber up the mighty edifice on threads of molten wax,
I miserably failed in my daunting attempt; with the slurry of candle sucking me to the ground bottom.

When I hoisted myself on long thread of burnt plastic; frigidly dangling from unsurpassable heights of the mountain summit,
The thread snapped into multiple fragments midway; and I plummeted down, into a concoction of wild stone and shrub.

When I tried to make merry; swaying on a swing impregnated with threads of mushroom,
Cupid desires made me nibble at the fruit, and I fell with thunderous thuds on the floor, intermingled with the debris of the broken swing.

When I tried to visualize my entity in coagulated threads of shattered glass,
The reflections appeared grotesquely distorted; prompting me to frivolously laugh at my demeanour.

When I tried to incinerate a crackling fire with threads of soggy cotton,
The conflagration refrained from burning; and there arose weak flames of amber camouflaged in clouds of smoke.

When I tried to entangle my slender wrists from a jugglery of invincible iron thread,
The outcome was abhorrently disgusting; my hands bled prolifically pulverizing my futile attempts of escape.

When I tried to perform the artistry of tight rope on a flaccid
thread of chocolate candy,
The cable snapped like scores of matchsticks; when caressed by
gentle draughts of air.

When I tried invade through silken threads of the rustic spider web,
Surplus arenas of my body got embossed with sticky cream; with the creature injecting paltry vials of poison in my flesh.

And eventually when I got bonded with incorrigible threads of her love,
A plethora of apprehensions in life got mystically pacified; onerous difficulties in life transited to lucidly simple,
My entire silhouette was draped in cloud showers of perennial love,
And let me tell you friends; this thread of our celestial love was resistant to decay; didn’t break for centuries immemorial.


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