Three Years

She was all that i ever desired,
her body was engulfed with waves of enchantment,
slender fingers smelt of heavenly nectar,
fleshy earlobes were adorned with beads of gold,
luscious lips murmured fairy tales of uncurbed desire,
angular neck swung instantly to my soft reflection,
daintily carved feet tread on a mountain of thorns,
olive skinned palms spread eagled for everlasting embrace,
silky strands of hair cascaded down her shoulder,
crystal white armory of teeth produced magical
she was a Goddess drenching me with rain showers of eternal love.


sunlit days sped into gruesome chilly nights,
clock seconds ticked at amazing speeds,
the tyranny of time had taken its toll,
corrupted human mass had rendered me peniless,
there was no scope for employment at distant quarters of society,
strong rooms of currency were sealed with iron bars of denial,
brutal strokes of destiny levered my head down in shame,
i knew she was the queen of my heart,
bound we were going to be in threads of holy matrimony,
empty containers of food grain echoing like dead skeletons,
a labyrinth of sockets in my purse devoid of life bestowing note,
and a dreadful images of newborn offspring’s dying of starvation,
slaughtered my ideas of blissful romance,
crippled me in person with spearheads of pragmatic reality,
there was no point in acquainting her with the distraught scenario,
neither did I intend to expose her to harsh territories of life,
prompting me to consume a liter of rat poison,
the venom painstakingly ending three years of our intense love


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