Through The Corner Of My Eye

The palace looked enchanting like a festoon of blossoming flowers; blended profusely with shimmering lights,
It however appeared blurred and incoherently hazy; when I attempted to see it through the corner of my eye.

The celestial moon in the sky looked like an animate ocean of white pearls,
The same appeared distorted; with slim outlines of ashen grey, when I inadvertently attempted to sight it through the corner of my eye.

The compact sedans traversing city streets; looked like silver fish in the sea with
silken grace,
They however appeared like fading mirages; disappearing into a whirlwind of
obnoxious dust, when I tried to visualize them through the corner of my eye.

The waterfall cascading down the mountain slope; looked stupendous; with a mesmerizing sound emanating,
It however appeared like a stingy trickle of liquid this time; when I endeavored sighting it through the corner of my eye.

The statue on its pedestal in the city square looked tall and stringently domineering,
The same appeared thoroughly minuscule; utterly inconspicuous when I sighted it through the corner of my eye.

The hands of the grandfather clock; looked saliently clear and ticking with meticulous perfection,
However I had onerous difficulty deciphering the time; when I tried to picture the same through the corner of my eye.

The silhouette of ship floating on the ocean; looked like embossed with infinite
number of ivory tusks,
I however had to strain my mind to entangle; whether it was a ship or a boat, when I perspired seeing it through the corner of my eye.

Her magnanimous persona; seemed to radiate waves of indispensable love; looked
like an innocuous fairy having descended from the sky,
And let me say this explicitly friends; that it appeared all the more profound; exquisitely glorious, this time when I tried to sight her through the corner of my eye.


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