Through The Eyes Of Newly Born Rat

Strolling masses of human looked like huge monsters,
midget sized dustbin appeared as a tank containing Grey boulders,
olive green fruit of banana struck my view as hanging bridges,
round mass of watermelon was visible as the flaming Sun with coats of green,
coins of sliver struck my view as small islands of paradise,
fast moving cars I sighted as towering ships sailing on dry land,
perfume bottles on the shelf resembled transparent drums containing puffs of
white clouds,
hotel swimming pool appeared as the palatial waters of Atlantic ocean,
heaps of stray sand lying duplicated vast expanse of Appalachian mountain,
leaded sticks of match were what i could describe as short poles with Grey
conical flasks of water flooded my vision as sizeable area of washing tank,
minuscule briquette’s of coal seemed like big specimens of crystal rock,
leather bound volumes of book looked like brick walls of white,
colored tablets of soap replicated plush beds to lie on,
steps of the spiral staircase loomed large like steep precipices,
ornate idols of god emulated frozen giants with divine grace,
the flaming sun appeared the largest of them all,
with the silken complexioned moon a shade compressed in size,
the earth seemed a magnified place to live in,
with the only solace being my twin brother,
who was born a few seconds beside me in the body of a mouse,
we were privileged enough to visualize and see,
applauded ourselves for the same rubbing our slimy noses in unison,
what humans had perspired for decades to encounter,
scientists had racked minute corners of their brain without avail,
we could now clearly admire through our eyes as newly born baby rats.


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