Through The Tunnels Of

Only the hideously corrupt and treacherously dastardly; could bawdily drift through the tunnels of; abhorrently ungainly manipulation,

Only the impeccably enchanting and innocuously righteous; could patriotically march through the tunnels of; unshakably irrefutable truth,

Only the raunchily infinitesimal and baselessly threadbare; could insidiously hover through the tunnels of; maliciously truculent depravation,

Only the drearily meaningless and vindictively plotting; could ominously trespass through the tunnels of; lunatically barbaric discrimination,

Only the poignantly sensitive and ravishingly exotic; could bountifully trespass through the tunnels of; ingratiatingly tantalizing sensuousness,

Only the cold-bloodedly savage and ruthlessly slandering; could esoterically wade through the tunnels of; satanically crippling disease,

Only the unflinchingly resilient and exhilaratingly fearless; could blissfully transgress through the tunnels of; fascinatingly invincible solidarity,

Only the aristocratically artistic and surreally wandering; could gorgeously float through the tunnels of; tantalizingly proliferating newness,

Only the despicably rotting and preposterously obsolete; could aimlessly loiter through the tunnels of; flagrantly stinking failure,

Only the lethally venomous and diabolically pulverizing; could shamelessly maraud through the tunnels of; rebelliously gory bloodshed,

Only the tyrannically lambasting and purposelessly ostracizing; could horrifically step through the tunnels of; abominably castigating illiteracy,

Only the intrepidly exhilarating and exuberantly gushing; could resplendently philander through the tunnels of; beautifully spell binding adventure,

Only the freshly born and benevolent hearted; could astoundingly gyrate through the tunnels of; panoramically vivacious Godliness,

Only the sardonically conventional and spuriously high society; could remorsefully stab through the tunnels of; deleteriously gory bloodshed,

Only the vibrantly untamed and compassionately engulfing; could exotically zip through the tunnels of; ecstatically melodious romance,

Only the fabulously synergistic and holistically humane; could gregariously interweave through the tunnels of; celestially gratifying paradise,

Only the intricately effeminate and unsurpassably obsessed; could triumphantly parade through the tunnels of; regally sparkling artistry,

Only the passionately palpitating and immortally bonding; could divinely fly through the tunnels of; perpetually unconquerable love,

Only the diligently persevering and unrelentingly unstoppable; could magnanimously whistle through the tunnels of; spell bindingly scintillating fortune,

Only the patriotically brave and altruistically sacrificing; could unchallangeably wade through the tunnels of; victoriously Omnipotent immortality,

Only the mystically enigmatic and charismatically magnetic; could timelessly gallivant through the tunnels of; marvelously conjuring magic,

Only the perennially liberated and wonderfully melanging; could stupendously bounce through the tunnels of; endlessly ebullient laughter,

But every tangible organism; irrespective of caste; creed; color; stature; height or tribe; every entity harboring insurmountable love for the God’s chapter of symbiotically proliferating creation; has; is and will always fantastically burgeon through the tunnels of;
eternally egalitarian and blessing humanity.


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