Through Them.

Through them; even the most acridly blistering rays of the fiery midday Sun; seemed like angels of enchantingly whispering tranquility,

Through them; even the most morbidly remorseful sewage leaking sordidly from the gutters; seemed like waterfalls of epitomizing harmony; wonderfully coalescing with the fabric of eternal mankind,

Through them; even the most discordantly thundering of treacherous monsters; seemed like messiahs of blissfully celestial peace,

Through them; even the most abominably gruesome scents; seemed like a cloudburst of stupendously poignant fragrance; majestically diffusing a fountain of vivacious resplendence to every traumatically parched entity around,

Through them; even the most pathetically morose graveyards; seemed like fathomless skies of Omniscient beauty and benign grace; regally spawning into a civilization of newness every unfurling instant of the sweltering day,

Through them; even the most insanely lunatic madmen; seemed like harbingers of heavenly peace and humanity; disseminating an unfathomable entrenchment of
compassion on every step that they transgressed,

Through them; even the most sullenly decaying carcasses; seemed like philanthropically scintillating rays of the tenacious Sun; filtering a path of
astronomically aristocratic courage through corpses; of manipulative malice,

Through them; even the most lugubriously insidious morons; seemed like a rhapsodically exuberant breeze of unrelentingly endowing smiles,

Through them; even the most invidiously bizarre thorns; seemed like hives of unsurpassably uniting honey; spell bindingly propagating a wave of unbelievable melody in the lives of all those horrendously deprived,

Through them; even the most acrimoniously twisted paths; seemed like fortresses of irrefutably ingratiating solidarity; sequestering one and all; irrespective of caste; creed and spurious color; beautifully alike,

Through them; even the most salaciously diabolical of demons; seemed like bloomingly mesmerizing gardens of spiritual charisma; ubiquitously parading towards the path of impregnable righteousness,

Through them; even the most forlornly dilapidated spaces; seemed like winds of ebulliently enthralling ecstasy; voluptuously titillating every beleaguered traveler who inadvertently came their way,

Through them; even the most ominously impoverished and drought terrorized lands; seemed like miraculously replenishing oceans; marvelously appeasing every infinitesimal desire of your estranged soul,

Through them; even the most preposterously ugly bodies; seemed like seductively silken visages of unflinching truth; magnificently deluging every wavering conscience with rays of unconquerably Omnipotent enlightenment,

Through them; even the most ludicrously feckless tycoons; seemed like godfathers of symbiotic relationships; perennially bonding with their fabulously impeccable kin,

Through them; even the most monotonously tick-tocking clockworks; seemed like a paradise of bountifully tingling mysticism; wholesomely liberating you of your
rebelliously frazzled mind,

Through them; even the most lackadaisically frozen bloodstreams; seemed like infernos of magnetically captivating beauty; indefatigably yearning to blissfully bond with the heavens; vivid and unassailably divine,

Through them; even the most horrifically charred and perpetually dead organisms; seemed like a relentlessly proliferating whirlpool of invincible breath; timelessly healing with its Omnipresent sensuousness,

And through them; even the most agonizingly lambasted of hearts; seemed like unconquerable stars of priceless togetherness; triumphantly blazing forward
with the blessings of the Almighty Lord,

Such were the eyes of immortal love; forever metamorphosing even the most inexplicably penalizing of pain into jubilant happiness; forever existing as
God’s most glorious creation; forever symbolizing the unshakable path
towards freedom and mankind.


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