Thunderbolts Of Rain

Normally when I started back for home; I commenced my
journey languidly eating pop-corn; aimlessly kicking
small stones that came in my way,
While today I tripped each time I raised my foot;
relinquished all capacity to sight objects even a foot

Normally when I started back for home; I hummed
melodious tunes; smiling flirtatiously at every girl I
encountered on the way,
While today I looked at my watch a million times;
grunted in exasperation as I couldn’t bear to see the
disdainful blotches of slush adhering all across my
immaculate shirt.

Normally when I started back for home; I winked
mischievously at the sun; took marathon minutes in
idling my scooter to full gear,
While today I trembled in the icy winds; felt utterly
miserable as my feather weight shoes; felt as heavy as
heavy ships floating on the sea.

Normally when I started back for home; I waved goodbye
to all my colleagues; wishing them a blissful and
tranquil sleep,
While today as I stepped out in the ominous dark; I
closed my ears in alarm; to shun the chaotic
pandemonium of horns and blaring traffic.

Normally when I started back for home; I phoned my
wife on the mobile; romancing dreamily for long
minutes about our experiences of the past;
While today I emptied my pants of all contraptions and
my wallet; scampered for safety like a rabbit for
under gigantic branches of the tree.

Normally when I started for home; my mind wandered
rampantly; envisaging all the delectable delicacies
which I would consume for supper in the night,
While today the food in my stomach churned in nervous
energy; almost strangulating my senses as it tried to
puke out from my mouth.

Normally when I started for home; I always made it a
rule to halt my vehicle at signals; thereby letting
others pass peacefully before I proceeded further,
While today my foot refrained to leave the
accelerator; as I sky rocketed cursing the skies; at
electric speeds towards my dwelling.

Normally when I started for home; I stopped
frequently in the way to munch sandwiches; smoked a
cigarette or two in the crowded shopping square,
While today my sole focus was to wade myself
dexterously through the rivers overflowing; protecting
my cherished checkbook from getting soiled.

Normally when I started for home; I spent good amount
of time choosing my favorite pen; for signing the
company guestbook,
While today I virtually dropped all what I was
carrying; dragged my weight outside like a charged
volcano; running at full speed and at the same time
yelling at the top of my breath.

And Normally when I started for home; the skies were
crystal clear; with the Sun god about to set
splendidly into the horizon; the birds chirping
boisterously to announce the onset of cool night,
While today the reason for my behaving insane; was
that there were streaks of white lightening in the
sky; with thunderbolts of rain pelting in uncouth fury
all over.


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