To All Affluent Existing

I drenched myself with golden honey liquid, sped to jungles to feed famished insects

I had crisp currency notes stashed in cloth cellars of trouser, distributed knives with razor blades, to my fellow beings in heart breaking agony.

I slept in luxury on cushioned foam of air cooled palace,
opened lock proof doors, inviting masses residing in tumbledown huts.

i wore grey linen suit studded with infinite beads of gold,
shed bits of cloth, sprinkled balls of thick silver,
as I trespassed through victimized regions of the globe.

I drank mammoth bottles of rich brown rum,
supplied a fleet of tankers, with gallons of water,
to scorched population, on dry flaming land.

I consumed pungent slices of bacon, tore greedily through chunks of
chocolate bread,
inaugurated a king sized food plaza, offering plain rice and curry,
to those shrunk to mere skeleton skins, all throughout the day.

I roamed round the clock in bullet proof silver sedan,
with an army of helicopters hovering above,
I reserved glass facaded showrooms full of high powered bike,
for bare feet trampling needle shaped weeds emanating from soil.

I attended school offering elite courses in management,
reclined on plush chair, while copying notes,
built school monasteries to educate the girl child.

I bathed in luke warm water,
drizzling from multiple pores of modern shower assembly,
supplied electric geysers with aluminum coil,
to those freezing in chilly currents of winter wind.

this is my pledge to all affluent existing,
try and emulate, a fraction of my benevolent deeds,
the creator will bless you with more than you could ever foresee.


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