To Appease The Almighty Creator

No amount of wealth was enough to appease him; the boundless dungeons impregnated with glittering gold and silver; proved to be wholesomely futile,

No amount of cloth was enough to appease him; the colossal fields of blossoming cotton; the mountain of tenacious jute lying limp in the warehouses; proved to
be gruesomely useless,

No amount of literature was enough to appease him; the gargantuan bundles of spell binding history; the innumerable number of scriptures portraying legendary times proved to be of simply no use,

No amount of water was enough to appease him; the supremely colossal assemblage of salty ocean waters; every globule of liquid lying scattered on this earth; proved
to be overwhelmingly miserly,

No amount of sand was enough to appease him; the mammoth lands of the desert; the chunks of mud sprawled loosely all around the globe; proved to be infinitesimally incomplete to gain his attention,

No amount of ostentation was enough to appease him; the fathomless battalion of mermaids embellished with exotic flower buds; the fabulous perfume emanating in
abundance from their bodies proved to be a profoundly lost chance,

No amount of light was enough to appease him; the tremendously unsurpassable blazing island of Sun; the enormous festoon of artificial silvery rays; proved a
power too less to captivate his attention,

No amount of cars were enough to appease him; the entire fleet of swanky automobiles lines royally in front of the palace; every motorized engine loitering
on the trajectory of this planet; proved to be more minuscule than the red ant to grab his eyes,

No amount of speech was enough to appease him; the most eloquently woven sentences; the most delectable of voices floating in every cranny of the earth;
proved utterly hopeless to drift his intense concentration,

No amount of plants were enough to appease him; the entire outgrowth of the vivaciously wild jungle; the unprecedentedly huge garden of roses enticing all with
their fragrance; proved too wild to waver his Omnipotent nose,

No amount of power was enough to appease him; the Herculean strength in the bulging muscles of the boxer; the astronomical resilience that the entire township put up in coalition; proved more diminutive than the frigid straw in front of his Omniscient aura,

No amount of flattery was enough to appease him; the unsurpassable myriad of amicable phrases; infinite slaves kneeling down on his feet in meek obeisance;
proved too insipid to conjure his attention,

No amount of heroism was enough to appease him; the entire galaxy of brilliantly scintillating stars; ostentatiously dressed angels walking animatedly and in voluptuous twists on the ramp; proved to frivolous and morbid to evoke his tingling excitement,

No amount of color was enough to appease him; the stupendously vivid shades of the rainbow; the billions of grandiloquent paintings embossed on the cave walls;
proved too bland to match his irrefutably resplendent complexion,

No amount of space was enough to appease him; the vast expanse of azure blue sky; the incomprehensible winds of euphoric atmosphere; proved just a tiny whisker in
front of his invincible power,

No amount of victory was enough to appease him; the brutal assassination of millions to become the emperor; winning the mightiest of battle that came in
the way; proved too inconspicuous to lure his vision towards you,

No amount of seniority was enough too appease him; the entire ministry spear headed by the esteemed president; the government ruling the entire world;
proved too infinitesimal in front of his impregnable power,

No amount of bloodshed was enough to appease him; the innumerable anecdotes of indiscriminate slaughter; the uncouth slaining of innocent heads in the quest of
achieving territories beyond the greatest; proved an absolutely horrendous effort to try and make him wink,

And you didn’t even have to emulate a sagacious saint or meditate incessantly in order to imprison his attention; Infact all one needed to do was to live harmoniously
in synergy with nature; propagate the virtue of immortal love to as far and distant as one could; spread the essence of equality in whomsoever one encountered; and then you would see it for yourself; that what the most biggest of things had failed to
have an impact; just a small little word called ‘Love’, was enough in order to
appease the Almighty Creator.


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