To Be Hanged Till Death

Knotted chords of jute dangle from ceiling,
with large throat sized loop hole,
engulfed in perennial pitch darkness,
freezing cold bare stone walls,
a battalion of mosquitoes hovering around,
bone skeletons partially stuck to floor,
ghastly designs portraying execution,
clouds of dirt, with a backdrop of blood,
the ambience was complete with long iron lever,
compressible at instants of death command.

the courtroom was packed with audience,
uniformed guards, fool proof security,
black coated lawyers, bespectacled judge,
the murderer was in a sandalwood kiosk,
tears oozing from eyes, lips painted with fresh blood,
a volley of arguments followed pursuit,
law professionals displayed tact and eloquence,
with the killer being invited to dilapidated gallows,
ruthlessly hung, with dark hood covering face,
an aftermath of justice ink printing,
to be hanged till death


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