Traces Of Adulteration

Floating specks of dirt occupied drinking water,
paltry amounts of venom seemed abundant in gelatin capsule,
the tribal liquor had extracts of sedative nicotine,
sliding door of luxury car contained an impurity of threadbare plastic,
polished chunks of pure marble had reinforcements of loose mud,
rich granules of food grain were blended with sharp glass and stone,
navy blue solution of carbon ink was filled partially with chalk,
glossy sheets of milled paper possessed tinges of raw jute,
100 percent mixture of concrete had mammoth amounts of burnt brick,
gallons of consumable milk was adulterated with tap water,
finely ironed currency note lived in harmony with its fake counterpart,
natural sea water developed traces of oil and thick grease,
round biscuits of gold reflected sparse territories of faded bronze,
meticulously printed ancient literature was remixed to music album,
fertile clay mud resembled a vast assemblage of strewn insecticide,
winter caves with drooping icicles were displayed in exhibitions,
plastic exteriors of the monsoon raincoat had invisible patches of colored cloth,
a cluster of hybrid mango tasted like acid when dissolved in salivary bud,
there was inflation prevalent in all quarters of global society,
the only thing it was unable to imprison,
was the heart pumping at full speeds, nestling in chamber rooms of true conscience.


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