Tragedy On Four Wheels

the pungent alacrity of the air strikes me,
creating quadruples of animated breath, as i pass,

luminated signboards, suspended cables,
well lit edifices, lush green shrubs,
tainted scraps of loiter, concrete skyscrapers,
flashing signals, incoherent busstops,
sacrosanct church spires, towering clocks,
gaudy exhibitions, heavy bolt prisons,
suburban railways, thick glass aquariums,
bustling airports, chagrinned cinema halls,
glittering coffee shops, nonchalant mad houses,
exquisite monuments, sporadic manufacture of milk,
disheveled beggars, unsuspecting black hoods of crime,
plethora of beaches, desolate rumbles of junk,
mammoth emergency wards, indiscreet abattoirs of sheep,
looming textile mills, stagnant pools of fetid water,
haunted carousels, brown tarts of crisp toffee,
undulating landscape, chiselled toy shops of soft plastic,
escalating perfumed fountains, low altitude tin roofs,
black wisps of hovering clouds, crimson crested pigeon flesh,
unrelenting spikes of steel wire, landlords blessed with cupidity,
infrared power stations, chunks of gaseous evading moonlight,
salubrious machinery in gymnasiums, corrugated assemblage of pine trees,
i finally switch my way homewards,
the four wheeled metallic monster probes forward,
cutting clockwise currents of dust,
the vulcanized rubber comes to an abrupt halt,
shards of glass lay all over,
metal to metal clashes hard,
creating a screeching eerie sound,
my head submerged in pools of thick grease,
sticky and red in color,
as i breathe my last breath, utter my last syllable.


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