Tributaries Of Love

The tributaries of horrendous starvation; culminate into despairing sadness,

The tributaries of heinous malice; culminate into perpetual hatred,

The tributaries of irrefutable muteness; culminate into baseless introspection,

The tributaries of nonchalant perceptions; culminate into an island of mocking nothingness,

The tributaries of manipulatively salacious lechery; culminate into a tunnel of ghastly darkness,

The tributaries of mesmerizing fragrance; culminate into a paradise of enchanting beauty,

The tributaries of abhorrent stench; culminate into ignominiously rotting dungeons of solitude,

The tributaries of insatiable desire; culminate into a fountain of rejuvenating ecstasy,

The tributaries of intransigent conviction; culminate into the invincible summit of sweet success,

The tributaries of unrelenting fantasy; culminate into a trail of overwhelmingly ravishing seduction,

The tributaries of blissful satisfaction; culminate into fireballs of immutably exultating victory,

The tributaries of passionate art; culminate into a valley of unparalleled grandeur and stupendous enthrallment,

The tributaries of malicious discrimination; culminate into incomprehensibly deplorable corridors of satanic hell,

The tributaries of immortal unity; culminate into an impregnable fortress towering infinite kilometers above the cotton clouds,

The tributaries of retreating cowardice; culminate into the dormitories of perilously gleaming corpse; even since the first cry of fresh life,

The tributaries of blatant illiteracy; culminate into distortedly dilapidated shells of maimed existence,

The tributaries of treacherous slavery; culminate into a diabolical curse lingering for unsurpassable more births to yet unveil,

The tributaries of impeccable innocence; culminate into the ultimate heaven on the trajectory of pragmatically functioning planet,

And the tributaries of perpetual love; culminate into an everlasting relationship; to which even the greatest of Gods in the sky; bowed down too and forever blessed.


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