Triumphant Tumbler

truly adored its innocuous silhouette as it beautifully floated in near vicinity in the majestically cemented tub; without the tiniest of apprehension or disdainful malice,

was fantastically touched by its magnanimous and efficacious cost free service; as it befriended people of all religion; caste; creed; tribe with altruistically unparalleled aplomb,

admired its inimitably uncelebrated identity amidst a plethora of myriad contraptions; gaudy towel; aristocratically embroidered cloth; ravishing shampoo; fanciful broom; opulent jewelry strewn haphazardly around – as it overtook them in terms of its quintessential and astounding utility,

praised its rustically simpleton yet unbelievably tenacious demeanor; as it fearlessly served its master to cleanse the most sordidly fetid pores of his body – irrespective of the abominably dirty gutter pipe that deposited its decayed garbage just alongside,

tried my earnest best to grandiloquently beautify its ingredients of simplicity and impeccable charisma via poetry; so that it relished its handsomely cherished position at the world centerstage and adulatory celebrityhood,

veritably enamored; when the ecstatically versatile artist filled it with gargantuan proportions of paint and triumphant color – and then dipped paintbrush into its wonderfully replenishing interiors – to glorify the barrenness of the canvas with the colors of unfettered optimism,

honored – as its mere presence was a compassionately comforting factor amidst the bizarre solitariness of the forlorn walls; with not a person around in vicinity as the night exuberantly galloped towards early dawn,

saluted its altruistically victorious streak – wherein it so gorgeously nourished the recipient using it; and irrefutably ensured a profoundly fresh start to withstand the devastatingly torrid rat race for survival,

joyfully caressed its fabulously roughened exteriors which delectably lead the way to a protuberant handle – that I took the liberty of efficaciously placing upon the artistically extruding nail from the door,

positively deliberated upon its superbly reinvigorating benefits; silencing critics who wanted it dismissed from the abode instantaneously; on the spurious pretext of it dirtying the otherwise lavishly contemporary and royal ambiance,

unabashedly attracted towards its immaculately white and pearly complexion; which triggered me to rush from my seat and uninhibitedly embrace its philanthropic form; accept it in the wonderful fabric of camaraderie; as my friend,

used it as a robustly firm support to stand up to my full and humble height; after I had collapsed in a dismally disheveled heap; accidentally treading upon the stealthily orphaned banana skin strewn on the floor,

acquired it from the pallidly stagnating marketshelf and then pampered and scrubbed it with sensuously soft sponge; before it pompously adorned the tantalizingly dainty ledge beside the lavatory seat,

put my fists deep into its unpretentiously cozy recesses amidst the frozen chill that had descended around; impromptu – that gave me solace and meaningful substance to fantasize; dance; gallop and philosophize for goodness,

informally stored paraphernalia of various sizes and proportions in its robustly glorious hollowness; where they were safe and handsomely protected from the acrimoniously venomous pollution that vehicles were responsible for; outside,

consumed my juice; milk; lunch and dinner in it – when pugnaciously terrorizing war lambasted the fabric of truthfully inspired existence and the savage missiles fired didn’t provide an opportunity for mesmerizing family meal,

savored its incredulous use – when the man on the street spontaneously penned his myriad of righteous thoughts upon its jaggedly princely periphery; in absence of that sheet of paper that was obviously thrown into wilderness,

but I fell in love with the Tumbler when I dipped into the pail – filled it with water and then let the jubilantly exhilarating and mortal elixir cascade down my impoverished and unkempt form – making me wholesomely oblivious to the delinquently stabbing loneliness; around.


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