True Romance

True silence is when you; profusely concentrated for hours immemorial on the mystically lingering voice of your righteous conscience,

True adolescence is when you; start feeling that you were no longer that immaculate child frolicking once upon a time; in the sacrosanct lap of your mother,

True perseverance is when you; work unflinchingly under sweltering rays of the Sun; earn your bread at the cost of your blood; amidst a pack of hostile wolves,

True effervescence is when you; voraciously splash both your hands and feet in euphorically swirling and tangy ocean water,

True diligence is when you; remain committed to your mission; even after it was successfully completed,

True obeisance is when you; humbly bow down before the people you revere; wholesomely shrugging all your pompously inflated mountain of pretentions,

True penance is when you; feel really sorry from the inner most realms of the soul; are ready to do anything to rectify your horrifically treacherous sins,

True benevolence is when you; philanthropically donate to your fellow compatriots in inexplicable pain; even you are shivering on the tenterhooks of abrupt extinction,

True disturbance is when you; keep murmuring something irascibly pertinent under your breath; while the other person is trying to profoundly emphasize upon his
point of view,

True pretence is when you; act like an irrefutably unconquerable king; even when you didn’t posses the capacity to hear your own voice,

True reverence is when you; insurmountably cherish the memories of your beloved; even countless centuries after their death,

True cadence is when you; rhythmically measure every beat you sing; to the most astronomical degree of perfection with the melodious wind,

True malevolence is when you; hate a person to the most unprecedented limits; even in your ethereally fading nocturnal dreams,

True vengeance is when you; take infinite births to take revenge from the person who traumatized you; if at all this birth proved futile,
True fragrance is when you; profusely smelt the exotically blossoming lotus; let its redolence altruistically diffuse in every corner of this Universe,

True prudence is when you; contemplated to the fullest capacity of your ingeniously god gifted mind; were able to perceive beyond the most fathomless of times,

True renaissance is when you; intrepidly motivated your entire country to rise against the lecherously evil; annihilate even the most tiniest trace of heinous evil from the belly of mother earth,

True distance is when you; inevitably cant bond with the love of your life; even when you lived just whisker lengths of breath away,

True existence is when you; lead each day of unveiling life to its absolute fullest; instilled the same wave of palpably exuberant life in each of your fellow human beings,

And true romance is when you; could do anything for the person whom you loved on this planet; stand beside her even when she was about to enter her grace and you
still had countless more births destined of precious life.


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