True Satisfaction

True satisfaction lies in feeding the devastatingly deprived; not in ruthlessly snatching the last morsel of food from their pathetically starved stomachs; just to tantalize your spuriously non-existent buds of baseless taste,

True satisfaction lies in educating the ludicrously illiterate; not in barbarically extricating their last iota of discerning consciousness; just to meaninglessly tingle the soles of your; sordidly treacherous feet,

True satisfaction lies in uplifting the disastrously maimed to the ultimate destination of their choice; not in savagely excoriating the mercurial conglomerate of flesh and bone on their staggering body; just to uselessly placate your skin; with
bombastic warmth,

True satisfaction lies in philanthropically assisting the blind to cross the rambunctious street; not in invidiously climbing over their hapless shoulders; just in order to meet your boss on the other side; before your manipulative colleague could,

True satisfaction lies in becoming the profuse source of sound for the unfathomably deaf; not in ecstatically occupying their horrifically debilitated eardrum; just in order to profoundly mystify your commercial senses; with the carpet of darkness inside,

True satisfaction lies in speaking vociferously for the horrendously dumb; not in insidiously maneuvering their innocence towards the diabolical gallows; just in order to save your murderously stinking life,

True satisfaction lies in rescuing the innocuously orphaned infant drowning uncontrollably in the satanic waters; not in using his impeccable countenance as a lifeboat; just in order to reach invincibly to the other side of the; gloriously shimmering shores,

True satisfaction lies in placating the dreadfully dreary senses of a fatigued traveler; not in perennially resting and parasitically feasting on his wavering shadow; just to pacify the already supremely satisfied elements in his blood,

True satisfaction lies in sowing seeds of invincible peace in resplendent soil; not in mercilessly massacring fathomless forests of beauty with swords of heinous corruption; just in order to embellish your pompous castles; with biscuits of
extra silver,

True satisfaction lies in; marvelously becoming the voice of the tyrannically molested; not in ominously snatching every word before it even crept up their nimble throat; just to be thunderously heard; by all powerhouses and kingdoms in the world; alike,
True satisfaction lies in; benevolently embracing all those old and despondently struggling; not in satanically plucking out the tender hair from their witheringly fragile bodies; just in order to fill in the bald portions of your; inconspicuously frigid wig,

True satisfaction lies in; enveloping all those uncouthly trembling in bizarre cold in blankets of eternally mesmerizing humanity; not in parasitically sucking even the most infinitesimal droplet of poignant blood from their body; just in order to fill in your empty glasses of solitude,

True satisfaction lies in; disseminating unprecedented happiness in all those despicable hutments besieged with inexplicable gloom; not in extinguishing the slim
flames of hope in their interiors; just in order to illuminate your disgustingly sleazy world; of ghastly lechery and crime,

True satisfaction lies in; uninhibitedly freeing all those savagely incarcerated in chains of treachery; not in tumultuously inflicting all your frustration of the day upon their miserably diminutive caricatures; just in order to spuriously relax the surplus tension;
in your overwhelming agitated nerves and bones,

True satisfaction lies in; incessantly endeavoring to coalesce all discriminating religions into the immortally impregnable religion of humanity; not in perpetuating malicious feuds in civilizations melanged with symbiotic solidarity; just to snobbishly appease your taste buds; at the sight of viciously raining blood,

True satisfaction lies in; indefatigably marching on the invincible pathways of benign unity; not in maliciously shattering the fortress of mankind; just to impart that baseless bit of extra reinvigoration; to your foundations of non-existent prejudice,

True satisfaction lies in; astoundingly proliferating newness to synergistically continue God’s chapter of priceless existence; not in venomously annihilating the innocuously divine; just in order to pugnaciously survive; for a countless more lifetimes,

True satisfaction lies in; benevolently sacrificing every iota of rhapsodic breath to nourish unequivocally spell binding goodness; not in sinfully burying a robustly sparkling organism infinite kilometers beneath drab soil; just in order to stand
with laughably meticulous precision; upon your own dwindling feet,

And true satisfaction lies in; perpetually bonding broken hearts all across the fabulously fathomless Universe; not in malevolently stealing passionately palpitating beats with gay abandon; just in order to keep your body; pathetically and
forever alive.


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