Truly Making A Difference For Goodness.

The road appeared to be nervously slithering stretch of non-chalant Black,
Why not paint its surface with sparkling paint of majestic black, perpetuate its haplessly chapped periphery with the goodness of nourishing tar curry and handsome soot.

The chair inexorably creaked at the tiniest of weight straddling it; limping in gruesome disdain as if it would collapse any moment,
Why not reinforce its languidly decrepit body with screws and shiny nails, spray its exteriors and intricate interiors with that much needed coat of lubricant oil.

The computer miserably stuttered; fumbled; squandered and shut down almost immediately after starting it; unable to bear the weight of a battalion of programs and
files installed,
Why not install the most ingenious of anti virus available in the contemporary planet
today; and then witness it bouncing back to life with uninhibited gusto and impeccable charm.

The walls nervously trembled at the tiniest draught of wind; in bizarre circumspection of whether ever would they witness another fresh optimistic dawn,
Why not invincibly strengthen them with handsomely blended cement and mortar, so that they became a bountiful fortress of vitality against the most obnoxious of enemy attack.

The fragment of kite paper flagrantly fretted and fumed as the string attached to it; kept tearing it all the more; every now and again as it tried to gain altitude,
Why not agglutinate its torn ends with wondrously poignant glue, and then let it fly
unabashedly high as you tugged its thread; in misty blue currents of the royally enamoring sky.

The gaudily striped shirt resembled a shabbily attired gutter pipe; with holes of every possible dimension besmirching its innocuous silhouette like a dreadfully salacious
Why not make the best use of needle and articulate white thread, stitch every gaping
incongruity to perfection and then wear the same cloth – now befitting to be worn
by an undefeated prince.

The mirror reflected back a distorted heap of remorsefully mangled junk, as its body
was shattered into incongruous recesses of nothingness with passing years of neglect
and street urchins hurling many a stray stone,
Why not replace it with a dazzling new glass of crystal contentment – so that it not only retained its own inimitable integrity but also displayed the candid truth infront of it.
The once upon a time King-sized and plush mahogany table now staggered towards
grotesque ruination – with a layer of incorrigible dust destructively maligning its surface; legs; bottom and sides,
Why not take gargantuan swathes of coarse cloth – profoundly dip the same into a tub of stringent detergent soap – and then use the same to vigorously clean; so that the table was used for royal dinner and meeting up dignitaries from all walks of life.

The quaint scooter broke many a sturdy shoe – as it simply denied to start even after
exerting Herculean pressure and persistence upon its scraggily dilapidated pedal
and engine,
Why not give it for routine servicing and repair – which’d ensure it exuberantly surged forward like a rocket – and spared many impoverished pockets the ignominy of buying new footwear.

The television remote lay sulking in a sultry corner of the household – having just been tagged as an ‘ idiot good for nothing’ – banged out of sight as it refrained from
changing the entertainment channels – which had become such an integral part of
today’s life,
Why not insert a pair of vibrantly fresh batteries into it – and then witness it become the darling of everyone – including the corporate honcho who kept it tucked tightly beside his pillow alongwith his mobile.

The pen vindictively tore almost a sheaf of brand new printer paper; without even
embossing a word – at the end finding itself into the dustbin – which would eventually be emptied into bits of asymmetrical nothingness,
Why not adorn it with a new nib and cap to prevent it from drying when it was needed the most – and then witness it pen down the most astoundingly brilliant lines of love poetry; for lovers and friends, alike.

The blackboard looked abominably dirty and a reproachful mess – with students of all classes and sizes instantaneously shunting it; resorting to the cooler and rejuvenating confines of the canteen instead,
Why not get the duster and some plain water – scrub it thoroughly from all sides – so
that it resembled a freshly laden track – awaiting to be tread.

The matchstick simply didn’t muster the guts to alight into a flame – as it found itself
abusively hurled into the soggiest corner of trashcan by its impatient master,
Why not compassionately pick it up – completely dry the corners of its matchbox whose wetness were preventing it from catching fire – and then watch it setting the frigid darkness ablaze with its charismatically fiery flame.

As if your doing all of this goodness – mattered even an insouciant trifle to all of these non-living objects such as the – ‘road’, ‘chair’, ‘computer’, ‘walls’, ‘kite-paper’, ‘shirt’, ‘mirror’, ‘table’, ‘scooter’, ‘television remote’, ‘pen’, ‘blackboard’, ‘matchstick’ – described above and several of such other non-living objects that strike your
imagination impromptu, as of now,

For these objects didn’t have the slightest of life – and though it’d be good if you found time to refurbish and resurrect them if they broke – it wouldn’t stir any emotion in them at all – since they were dead and would remain dead,

But what would truly make a difference and would bring about a revolution in mortal
existence – is your being good; kind; lovable, religiously tolerant, truthful and humanitarian in your natural capacity with those humans ‘Living’ around you – to bond in the religion of humanity.


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