Trust Me.

Trust me; and I’ll sacrifice each iota of my blood; to witness you enchantingly smile,

Trust me; and I’ll bring the resplendent festoon of stars down on earth; to enlighten each cranny of your disastrously impoverished life,

Trust me; and I’ll blend all the lecherously heinous with raw bits of threadbare soil; alleviate your turbulently estranged life of its bizarre sadness,

Trust me; and I’ll stand like an invincibly towering fortress beside your side; would behead my scalp but ensure that not even the most minuscule of enemy;
transgressed against your blissful snores,

Trust me; and I’ll help you pass all your horrendously cumbersome examinations; propelling you irrefutably to forever emerge a euphoric winner in life,

Trust me; and I’ll inundate your dolorously drab life with rhapsodically everlasting fragrance; bring the most captivating of paradise on your divinely toes,

Trust me; and I’ll wholeheartedly donate all my riches to your desolate soul; indefatigably carry you upon my shoulders; till you achieved your ultimate mission in

Trust me; and I’ll be your best friend for infinite more births of yours yet to unveil; would massacre even the most infinitesimal trace of sadness; before
it dared to linger near your persona,

Trust me; and I’ll ignite untamed cloudbursts of desire in your pathetically dreary existence; enrich each of your dreadfully frightening nightmares; with
optimistic rays of light,

Trust me; and I’ll pacify each of your demands with every ingredient compassionately inhabiting my scarlet blood; weeping a countless deaths but never letting you cry,

Trust me; and I’ll sequester you from the most mightiest storm and rain; incessantly walking on a blanket of acrimonious thorns; while you danced in realms of misty sky,

Trust me; and I’ll flood your every morning with the heavenly aroma of ebullient happiness; preparing for you the most ravishing meals of your choice,

Trust me; and I’ll metamorphose each step you tread on into a mesmerizing cloud of tantalizing satin; becoming your emphatically poignant voice; whenever
you felt like collapsing on the ground,

Trust me; and I’ll save you from the clutches of the manipulatively drudged society; liberate you from the inscrutably crippling repertoire of your fearful apprehensions,

Trust me; and I’ll construct a castle for you on every space you cast your impeccable sight; embellish your queenly countenance with the most majestic jewels; strewn on this boundless planet,

Trust me; and I’ll perpetually become your beam of unconquerable hope; everytime you felt you were inevitably stepping into a land of; hopelessly debilitating darkness,

Trust me; and I’ll solve the most astoundingly baffling enigmas of your life; perennially see to it that you bounced and blossomed into bountiful radiance; and insatiably enamoring charm,

Trust me; and I’ll wash all your inadvertently sins with every element of goodness levitating in atmosphere; make you intransigently float in the ocean of seductively gorgeous fantasy,

Trust me; and I’ll transform each of your philanthropic aspirations into a veritable reality; maneuvering you safely towards unprecedented richness; even after I relinquished my last breath and died,

Trust me O! Beloved; and I’ll find you the ultimate love of your splendidly divine life; even though it forever meant; ruthlessly eliminating mine.


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