Truth – Part 2

Initially as much as it might sting you like a billion acrimonious thorns,
Eventually it blossomed into the most fragrant flower of prosperity; inundating each of your senses with unprecedented happiness.

Initially as much as it might lethally pierce you like a thousand knives; strangulating you forever in its explicitly candid swirl,
Eventually it emerged as the most Omnipotent warrior in this Universe; pacifying your every apprehension; with its divine ointment of life.

Initially as much as it deluged you with profusely debilitating winds of despair; stealing your last hope of blissful survival,
Eventually it put you to an eternal slumber; making you fantasize unfathomable kilometers beyond the land of rhapsodic paradise.

Initially as much as it separated you from the ones you dearly loved; pinching you pertinently at every step you alighted to survive,
Eventually it immortalized the spirit of your celestial existence; bonding your soul for centuries unsurpassable; with the Omnipresent aura of the Almighty.

Initially as much as it lambasted you on your nakedly shivering skin; whilst your manipulative comrades snored in cloud covers of opulent luxury and wine,
Eventually it granted you; your every philanthropic desire; making you the richest man alive on the trajectory of this never ending planet.

Initially as much as it melted you like an inconspicuous pancake; whilst your lecherous fellow mates danced in the aisles of seductive jubilation and exotic excitement,
Eventually it enlightened every stage of your life with invincible light; savoring for you; all the immaculate goodness that lay hidden on mother earth.

Initially as much as it slaughtered all your energy to breathe; viciously kicking you like a dog; beyond the summit of disgruntling nothingness,
Eventually it showered upon you the entire power trespassing on soil; saw to it that your every benevolent dream ripened into an enchanting reality.

Initially as much as it pulverized you to soggy bits of frigid ash; devouring every iota of your conviction; like an untamed horde of ruthless crocodiles,
Eventually it cast a spell of perennially mesmerizing innocence in your eyes; which won you the most cherished love of your life.

And initially as much as it devastated you left; right and center; reducing your robust caricature to an impoverished corpse; as the world sung and merrily laughed outside,
Eventually it ensured that you were the sole winner; towering over the monotonous definitions of a stale yesterday; ebulliently bouncing and alive to face; a countless more fantastically righteous tomorrow’s.

O! yes it’s upto you to believe it or not; implement the same in your lives,
But I for one live for truth all night and day; will salute it above the most influential of living kind; even centuries after I die.


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