Tsunami- The Wave Of Death; Death And Only Inconsolable Death.

It gobbled even the most infinitesimal trace of their unfettered triumph; decimating countless innocent in its swirl of truculently unrelenting terror,

It gobbled even the most tiniest trace of their astoundingly eclectic sensitivity; ruthlessly rendering boundless orphaned and to unceasingly beg at the mortuaries of asphyxiating death,

It gobbled even the most diminutive trace of their timeless impressions; indiscriminately annihilating every tangible and intangible form of their majestic ancestral heritage,

It gobbled even the most ethereal trace of their euphorically unbridled fantasy; brutally metamorphosing every conceivable instant of their lifetime into
a cadaverously unforgivable nightmare,

It gobbled even the most transient trace of their pristinely divine virility; leaving innumerable humanity and living kind; lividly impotent and deplorably divested of the exuberant elixir to lead symbiotic life,

It gobbled even the most evanescent trace of their bountifully vibrant belonging; ghastily transforming every of their inimitably prized possession into a graveyard
of inanely obsolete nothingness,

It gobbled even the most ephemeral trace of their perennially fructifying desire; murderously crippling them for an infinite more lifetimes; with solely the prisons of unfathomable devastation,

It gobbled even the most mercurial trace of their blissfully synergistic kin; inexhaustibly terminating every source of their cherished memory and the seeds
of their compassionate love,

It gobbled even the most fugitive trace of their ingeniously burgeoning creativity; posing nothing else but a lifelessly diabolical wall of inexplicable misery for the remainder of their destined lifetime,

It gobbled even the most disappearing trace of their blessedly proliferating
humanity; triggering an uncontrollably delirious feeling of vindication in their souls; towards the Creator for tyrannically snatching them away from their beloved kin,

It gobbled even the most feckless trace of their quintessentially emollient livelihood; permeating an irrevocable phobia in them of wholesomely discarding the things they so fervently loved; just a few seconds ago,

It gobbled even the most insipid trace of their optimistically jubilant hope; sealing every perceivable moment of their truncated destiny; with the skeletons
of disastrously unending hopelessness,

It gobbled even the most fleeting trace of their enchantingly panoramic civilization; giving an altogether sinister new look; to the map of their once unflinchingly venerated motherland,

It gobbled even the most vanishing trace of their eternally righteous customs; beliefs; religions; ideals; introducing them to nothing else but an irretrievably crucifying religion of cannibalistic blood,

It gobbled even the most parsimonious trace of their invincible brotherhood
and peace; rendering fathomless kilometers of their holistic land with the devilish stench of unstoppably victimizing epidemic,

It gobbled even the most inconspicuous trace of their altruistically blossoming humanity; with countless impeccable children trampling one over another; frenetically trying to identify their parents from the dead,

It gobbled even the most vacillating trace of their hunger to survive; with even the most tantalizingly royal morsels of food and currency seeming more dilapidated than the worst of lame stones; infront of their friends and beloved hedonistically killed and dead,

It gobbled even the most oblivious trace of their immortally infallible love; leaving them with a heart; vein and nostril indeed; but sinfully without the tiniest iota of beat; blood and Omnipotent breath,

It gobbled even the most obfuscated trace of their inimitably priceless identity; unsparingly demolishing limitless trajectories of their land within lightening seconds of time; burying them an infinite feet beneath their graves; before they had even time to utter their last wish or sigh,

The TSunami was indeed the most ominously devastating wave that mankind
had ever witnessed or ever could conceive; and although it was Nature’s untamed fury as its very uninhibited best; it spelt; demonstrated; waved and spoke death; death and just the most haplessly aggrieved form of inconsolably endless death.


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