Turn Vegetarian

Turn vegetarian; let pricelessly innocuous wildlife
marvelously blossom; perpetuating an unfathomable
fountain of astounding graciousness; in the fabric of
the eternal atmosphere,

Turn vegetarian; let the wave of perennially symbiotic
bliss pervade on even the most infinitesimal cranny of
this gigantic Universe; melanging every organism into
the entrenchment of silken togetherness;
wonderfully alike,

Turn vegetarian; let man and animal have profoundly
due respect for each other; with the Almighty Creator
showering his unconquerable blessings upon this
enchantingly synergistic planet;
for centuries immemorial,

Turn vegetarian; let the exotic vivaciousness of the
spell binding forests; remain burgeoning forever and
ever and ever; with the diabolical demon reducing to
infinitesimal ash infront of the winds of;
unbelievably astronomical solidarity,

Turn vegetarian; let even the most inconspicuously
invisible of bloodshed wholesomely cease; with the
planet perpetually romancing in the cradle of
silken innocuousness,

Turn vegetarian; let invincibly triumphant fortresses
of unity crop up at every step that you tread;
unflinchingly defending you even as; every bit of hell
in sky gruesomely blended with soil,

Turn vegetarian; let mesmerizing waterfalls of freshly
born life mushroom on even the most obsolete
trajectory of this ravishingly fathomless planet; with
the mantra of existence being epitomized to the most
unprecedentedly fascinating limits,

Turn vegetarian; let unsurpassable rainshowers of
rejuvenating breath diffuse beautifully in the
dolorously morbid atmosphere; Omnipotently culminating
into the winds of celestial humanity,

Turn vegetarian; let sordidly manipulative treachery
be annihilated forever from this earth; with the waves of holistically unparalleled harmony; taking complete control,

Turn vegetarian; let ingratiatingly jubilant majesty
reign supreme in the souls of one and all handsomely
alike; with the sea of resplendent existence swirling
in boundless directions; and for infinite more births
yet to unveil,

Turn vegetarian; let the vividness of the voluptuous
oceans become more tangier than ever; with gregarious
fishes of all shapes and size; gloriously unfurling
into the colors of panoramically untamed fantasy,

Turn vegetarian; let the infernos of sparkling
happiness in your impeccable eyes; become the
scintillatingly righteous elixir of all sensuously
pulsating living kind,

Turn vegetarian; let every entity on this timelessly
gargantuan globe; be magically encapsulated in clouds
of rhythmically melodious and incomprehensibly
unending compassion,

Turn vegetarian; let the preposterously pretentious
dungeons of sanctimonious spuriousness disappear into
the mists of insipid nothingness; with the spirit of
stupendously enthralling ecstasy reigning supreme;
on even the most mercurial speck of this Universe,

Turn vegetarian; let the skies of poignant euphoria
forever tumble the droplets of endless happiness; with
no immaculate organism ever being salaciously
befriended of its Omnisciently sacrosanct mother,

Turn vegetarian; let even the most parsimonious trace
of sinister crime refrain in its very obnoxiously
sullen roots; with the essence of everlasting
brotherhood exhilaratingly overwhelming; every quarter
of this mystical earth,

Turn vegetarian; let the ardor of innocent belonging;
eventually blossom into an unbreakably passionate
bonding; which triggered the fires of ubiquitous
ebullience even in the most cold-bloodedly torturous
and heartless night,

Turn vegetarian; let no humble be maliciously deprived
of its divinely pristinity; with every being on this
earth irrespective of caste; creed; color or racially
discriminating tribe; heavenly uniting into the river
of mankind,

And turn vegetarian; let life on Almighty God’s
eclectic earth proliferate for countless more births
yet to unfurl; with man and wildlife fabulously
surging forward shoulder to shoulder; with all
happiness of this world immortally and unassailably;
assimilating in their victorious stride.


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