Turn Vegetarian- Part 2

Even if a droplet of it fell in my food; I puke out
what I had consumed in my stomach; during the tenure
of the marathon month,

Even if a droplet of it blended with the dusty road; I
wildly swerved my sedan; crashing face on against the
lanky tree; with my heart palpitating faster than
white lightening,

Even if a droplet of it got smeared inadvertently with
my pillow; I relentlessly tossed and turned all night;
fostering agonizing memories about the plight of my
fellow compatriots in suffering,

Even if a droplet of it dribbled down from my mirror;
I started to witness the entire world as disastrously
shattered; and all perceptions of mesmerizing beauty
just disappeared from my mind,

Even if a droplet of it came tumbling from the
astronomically fathomless sky; I swooned in sheer
disbelief towards the ground; terrified that the
Creator might have now decided to end this magnificent earth,

Even if a droplet of it plummeted into the gigantic
glass of water; I started to have insane
hallucinations about the sacrosanct spirit of life; to
be in grave danger,

Even if a droplet of it oozed from my beloved’s face;
I had a horrendously ringing sensation in my bones;
and I found tears of profound empathy slither down my eyes,

Even if a droplet of it loitered on the periphery of
my shoe; my feet started to tremble inexplicably; and
the saliva in my throat froze brusquely midway; as I
felt helpless for mankind in hysterical grief,

Even if a droplet of it lingered close to my breath; I
felt that the gates of doomsday had suddenly unveiled
themselves full throttle upon the Universe,

Even if a droplet of it stuck to the luminous dial of
my watch; I commenced to conceive that time had
bizarrely condensed in its roots; and a treacherously
sinister glow hideously enveloped the whole planet,

Even if a droplet of it appeared on the television
screen; I felt myself perpetuated with an insatiable
nostalgia for my countrymen; sacrificing their lives
in true patriotism; to ensure that I existed in perpetual peace,

Even if a droplet of it coalesced with the
majestically shimmering stream; I felt as if the
entire assemblage of water was shivering in
unprecedented pain,

Even if a droplet of it fell on the immaculately plain
sheet of writing paper; I felt that it was impossibly
irrevocable to remove the stains with even the most
incredulously powerful eraser in this world,

Even if a droplet of it sprinkled itself on tree
leaves; I ruminated that wild life was pathetically
deteriorating; and infinite parasites crawled on the
prowl to pacify their lecherous gluttony,

Even if a droplet of it adhered to my eyeball; the
world outside seemed gruesomely obfuscated; and every
path on which I transgressed seemed to be leading to
the corridors of satanic hell,

Even if a droplet of it spurted out from the
impregnably formidable walls; I felt uncannily closer
to ghastly death and decay; and the pulse of my
exuberant existence remarkably slackened its pace,

Even if a droplet of it sprang up on my palms; I
pondered upon the dire consequences that would
savagely constrict the tenacity of my destiny; the
gloomy perils that await me as I alighted my next step,

Even if a droplet of it leaked from my luscious lips;
I relinquished all sagaciously perceivable activity;
poignantly disturbed at the most vital fluid bestowed
upon by the Almighty Lord; flowing out mercilessly,

And it was simply beyond my most incomprehensible
limit of imagination; that if such a minuscule droplet
of blood fomented my sensitivity to abdicate almost
all traces of life,

Then how could people round the globe; eat; drink; and
relish it; stupendously basking in its glory over a
glass of oligarchic port wine; ruthlessly slaughtering
impeccable animals for mere satisfaction of their
nocturnal supper?

Therefore it is my humble plea to all of you on behalf
of the Omnipotent Creator; to try your best and TURN


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