Ultimate Master

Nobody understood the incomprehensible agony in my mind; the volcanic fountain of disdainful thoughts it was encapsulated with every unveiling minute,

Nobody understood the inexplicable misery blended with my blood; traversing faster than the speed of white light as I tread on the surface of this colossal earth,

Nobody understood the wretched dreams I had even while wandering under brilliant sunshine; the insurmountable fatigue experienced by my conglomerate of frigid nerves,

Nobody understood the insane madness which destroyed my every fantasy which was stupendously beautiful; converted my blissful existence into inconspicuous bits of threadbare ash,

Nobody understood the thunderous growling of my stomach; inspite of it being inundated till the brim with a battalion of salubriously appetizing food,

Nobody understood the irascible pounding on my heart; the tumultuous fury permeating it belligerently from all sides,

Nobody understood the unsurpassable repertoire of effusive desire welling up prolifically in my soul; the uncanny wavering it underwent every unfurling moment of the day,

Nobody understood the horrendously wavering apathy in my voice; the fire balls of blood enigmatically encompassing my eyes,

Nobody understood the frantic bouts of desperation I experienced in a single night; the deplorable gloom which surfaced cyclonically on my tongue; just as I opened
my mouth to talk,

Nobody understood the cowardice in my foot steps; the incredulously augmented fear in my stride; although I trespassed directly beneath the storm and completely

Nobody understood the relentless string of dilemma’s I was confronted with; the overwhelming myriad of infinite questions my mind asked me inevitably each

Nobody understood the blood curling screams that punctured through the slim walls of my intricate eardrum; rendering me deaf even in the midst of themost deafening commotion and boisterously blaring traffic,
Nobody understood the fathomless island of needles fulminating in my brain; the piquantly sizzling potpourri of lunatic ideas that devastated me in sheer helplessness; standing like an infant on cold ground,

Nobody understood the unrelenting tyranny with which my body was whipped in freezing air; the invisible barricades of thorns; that kept cropping as I alighted my each step,

Nobody understood the cloudburst of crimson blood that poured on my countenance in turbulent spurts; the acrimoniously pugnacious battlefield of emotions that kept dreaming my last ounce of vital strength,

Nobody understood the mystical emptiness that engulfed my diminutive body; the satanically gleaming swords which kept ripping through my throat as time gradually

Nobody understood the gruesome blackness which capsized me even at the onset of sweltering afternoon; the ocean of perspiration which indefatigably kept dribbling down my persona without the slightest of control or holistic respite,

Nobody understood the unprecedented bleariness that entrenched my vision; the alarmingly hopeless light that awaited me with hands fully outstretched; even as
the world outside walked at regular pace,

But there was indeed a person who understood me above all else in this Universe; and although I didn’t possess the power to witness his Omniscient grace; Nevertheless I still considered him my best friend; an entity to whom I would always bow down in timid submission; a sacrosanct idol I would always keep praying to; as my “Ultimate Master”; my “Supreme Creator”.


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