Ultimate Messiah Of Humanity

I wanted to dedicate my diminutive eyes; solely to her majestically blooming cisterns of poignant empathy; sleep in her voluptuous eyelashes; for centuries immemorial,

I wanted to dedicate my abraded lips; solely to her aristocratically tinkling smile; be profusely assimilated in the silver saliva that she slurped; every time she compassionately pursed her mouth,

I wanted to dedicate my withering cheeks; solely to her profoundly crimson blushes; rejoicing in her ebullient whirlwind of happiness; as she ecstatically tread on satiny soil,

I wanted to dedicate my penurious palms; solely to her fabulously enigmatic destiny; rhetorically maneuvering every element of my existence; to the vivacious tunes
of her magnetic life,

I wanted to dedicate my distraught scalp; solely to her ravishingly tantalizing hair; become the marvelously scintillating swish of air that resonated; whenever she seductively swayed her head,

I wanted to dedicate my pecuniary chin; solely to her nostalgically titillating reflection; blending every iota of my holistic spirit in entirety; to her overwhelmingly magnetic persona,

I wanted to dedicate my fatigued chest; solely to her melodiously unassailable soul; coalescing every cranny of my pathetically dwindling senses; with the Omnipotent magic in her crimson blood,

I wanted to dedicate my mutilated feet; solely to her impeccable stride; wholesomely becoming every step that she trespassed on; to evolve a magnificently scintillating tomorrow,

I wanted to dedicate my famished hunger; solely to her perennially augmenting yearning for voluptuously charismatic desire; become every ingredient of her
piquantly replenished and marvelously alluring grace,

I wanted to dedicate my nomadic ears; solely to her ingratiatingly rhapsodic sound; bounce with stupendous exhilaration in the garden of her perpetually ravishing enchantment,

I wanted to dedicate my rustically wandering neck; solely to her sensuously drifting and captivatingly euphoric aura; relentlessly cuddle in the ferociously tangy warmth of her divine countenance,
I wanted to dedicate my mercurial teeth; solely to her vibrantly nubile back; igniting fireballs of tumultuous longing in every iota of her flesh; as I nibbled tenderly; till the very last of my veritable breath,

I wanted to dedicate my countless bones; solely to her irrefutably impregnable cause for philanthropic righteousness; become every vein of her never ending tenacity; to mitigate inexplicable suffering from planet earth,

I wanted to dedicate my dolorous shadow; solely to her astoundingly enigmatic and benign voice; eternally tracing the euphorically fantastic cadence; in her gloriously vivacious sounds,

I wanted to dedicate my vanquished head; solely to her bountifully sacrosanct feet; intransigently following her sagaciously Omnipotent footsteps; to every cranny
of the globe that she went,

I wanted to dedicate my flirtatious shoulders; solely to her supremely princely visage; hoisting her grandiloquent body to beyond the land of infinite infinity; at the most infinitesimal of her Godly command,

I wanted to dedicate my golden sweat; solely to her untamed wave of unrelenting perseverance; mesmerizing each disastrously exhausted pore of my skin; with the
celestial river of humanity fulminating profusely; from her eclectic persona,

I wanted to dedicate my truncated breath; solely to her tranquilly bequeathing life; forever become the fragrance of humanitarian righteousness; which she ubiquitously wafted; on her every mystically proliferating step,

And I wanted to dedicate my throbbing heart; solely to her immortally bestowing love; bond every beat wailing in my indiscreetly trembling chest with her Omniscient
essence; to tower unequivocally as the ultimate messiah of humanity.


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