Some as insatiably flaming as the flamboyant Sun; dazzling into a pool of profuse brilliance as each instant unfurled into a wholesome minute,

Some as resplendently mystical as the milky moon; ecstatically weaving a tale of unfathomable enigma; on every path that they cast their spell,

Some as boisterously buzzing as the unsurpassable hive of honey bees; piquantly diffusing an exhilarating expedition of timelessness; from their silken whites,

Some as gorgeous as the celestially cascading waterfalls; beautifully placating all traumatized anguish around; with their uninhibited wave of philanthropism,

O! yes there were literally a boundless fraternity of eyes that I had witnessed; but the Omnipotence in your impeccable whites; the aura of unparalleled humanity which enshrouded your lids; was irrefutably unconquerable.


Some as rhapsodically melodious as candies of blooming sugarcane; handsomely perpetuating one and all alike; with their astounding freshness to lead life,

Some as ferocious as prowling panthers; ardently awaiting to gobble all innocuously blissful; in their gruesomely diabolical swirl,

Some as surreptitious as manipulatively sly wolves; treacherously plotting for your perennial illwill; without yielding even the tiniest of insinuation,

Some as bubbly as vivacious rainbows in the fathomless sky; unveiling into an unending festoon of versatility in glorious existence,

O! yes there were literally a boundless fraternity of eyes that I had witnessed; but the magnetism in your supremely majestic whites; the benign impressions of the entire Universe beautifully encapsulated every time you closed your divine lids; was irrefutably


Some as winking as the uncontrollable tornado; submerged in an incomprehensible ocean of flirtatious mischief; all blackened night and sweltering day,

Some as natural as the very first rays of Sunlight; emanating a river of royally fascinating fortitude; on every path that they harmoniously perceived,

Some as voluptuous as tantalizing seductresses in paradise; inevitably attracting even the most lecherously uncouth; in the realms of their timeless sensuousness,

Some as patriotic as the miraculous newness of creation; altruistically ready every minute to relinquish the last iota of their rays; for the sake of their sacrosanct motherland,

O! yes there were literally a boundless fraternity of eyes that I had witnessed; but the Omnipresence in your marvelously regale whites; the endless Universe of priceless justice which perpetually flowed when you opened your princely lids; was irrefutably unconquerable.


Some as frigidly steely as overwhelming avalanches of white ice; not succumbing to even the most tumultuously truculent of; disparaging pain,

Some as gorgeously titillating as ebulliently enticing red wines; inevitably captivating
the immaculately nubile valentine,

Some as supremely amicable as fragrant lotus; wholesomely blending with even the most ruthlessly lambasting entity; that unfortunately came their way,

Some as turbulent as unstoppably thunderous streaks of vivid lightening in the cosmos; unrelentingly fighting till the last breath of their life; for getting their
egalitarian share of rights,

O! yes there were literally a boundless fraternity of eyes that I had witnessed; but the Omniscient religion of humanity in your fabulous whites; the immortality to live; procreate infinite new enthralling lives; and to let live in your meditating lids; was irrefutably unconquerable.


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