Unconquerable Lovers

The most acrimonious of thorns came and went; trying their best to metamorphose impeccable sight into a wall of ghastly darkness,
But we still stayed immortally together; staring profoundly at each other; lost in a stupendously ravishing enthrallment of our own.

The most ominous of mental barriers came and went; incessantly endeavoring; to uncouthly exhaust the reservoir of spell binding fantasy,
But we still stayed immortally together; rolling in exhilarated tandem on the slopes; drowning in a world of everlasting titillation and supreme sensuousness.

The most bloody battles came and went; brutally slaughtering countless in the swirl of their malicious hatred,
But we still stayed immortally together; impregnably secure in our passionately divine embrace; coalescing our breath more poignantly with each other; as each second unveiled.

The most treacherously sinister storms came and went; ferociously devouring innocent; before eventually masticating them to infinitesimal ash,
But we still stayed immortally together; sleeping fearlessly under the resplendently twinkling stars; with our fingers astoundingly interlocked; as the first ray of
Sun kissed the horizons.

The most diabolical of witches came and went; stealthily targeting to cast a web of dwindling doom; as the evening bonded with the heart of midnight,
But we still stayed immortally together; compassionately kissing on the sea shores; propelling our ecstasy levels to caress; an ebulliently untamed crescendo.

The rain of crippling sorrow came and went; trying to indefatigably imprison; in chains of lecherous extinction,
But we still stayed immortally together; sighting nothing but the reflection of our perpetual relationship; in every object we sighted; in every dream we conceived.

The norms of the monotonously conventional society came and went; insidiously aiming to separate; using all the power in this Universe,
But we still stayed immortally together; profusely lost in admiring the unfathomable beauty evolved by Almighty lord; wholesomely oblivious to the mundanely manipulative vagaries of this planet.

The hideous hooded terrorists came and went; murderously blasting blissful civilizations with insurmountable hatred in their souls,
But we still stayed immortally together; seductively tracing the boundless pores of our bodies; persevering under the flamboyantly golden Sun; to enrich ourselves with the true spirit of life.

And the chapters of life and death came and went; giving birth to infinite; at the same time snatching billions in their inevitable swirl,
But we still stayed immortally together; taking birth as many times as this earth was born again; only as unconquerable lovers.


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