Unconquerably And Solely The Omniscient Lord!

For your most rustically bohemian accent; which cacophonically inundated every conceivable speck of the atmosphere with; disdainfully stinging melancholy,

For your most hoarsely impoverished state; when all that indefatigably rattled in your pockets was nothing but lackadaisically sacrilegious stone; with the planet not paying you a single penny for even the most ecstatically brilliant of your artistry,

For your most eccentrically reclusive habits; those countless baths and sensuality that you bizarrely indulged after the heart of perilous midnight; and then slept like a wastrel hog all blazingly optimistic day,

For your most painstaking bouts of nothingness; when you did nothing else but inexplicably stare at fathomless bits of open sky; till times immemorial,

For your most devastatingly impudent of tempers; wherein you simply hurled everything around you in vicinity into the realms of disdainful oblivion; stamping your foot as violently as untamed lightening in the sky,

For your most distinctively different ideologies from the entire planet; which irrefutably and tirelessly proclaimed that the greatest religion on earth was the religion of humanity; which granted egalitarian importance to the unnecessary killing of an
inconspicuous ant and man; alike,

For your most excruciating principles; wherein you were prepared to sacrifice your life this very instant; rather than digress even an infinitesimal iota from
whatever you’d diligently promised,

For your most precariously tottering pathways of righteousness; which 10 times out of 10 found themselves buried an infinite feet beneath threadbare mud; haplessly unable to thrive in today’s world of prejudiced deceit and abhorrent malice,

For your most resolutely interminable beliefs; that there was nothing such as destiny in shaping an organism’s life; as philanthropic hard work was all that escalated you to the absolute pinnacles of infallible success,

For your most uninhibitedly open beliefs; which wholeheartedly advocated that more sparkling invincible than sanctimoniously conventional marriage; was the compassionately humanitarian relationship of symbiotic friendship,

For your most stinkingly unclothed body; whose each deplorably unwashed ingredient was miserably enveloped; with an infinite layers and tons of acrimoniously squelching grime,
For your most worthlessly unabashed habit of forgetfulness; wherein at times you forgot your very own name; so obsessively engrossed in the inscrutably tantalizing mists of fantasy,

For your most unbearably informal eating habits; wherein you demonically gobbled the entire meal of the day in just one go; preferring to remain horribly emaciated the rest of the day,

For your most foolishly intrepid patriotism; as you entered the boundless battlefield of salaciously jeopardizing manipulation; diminutively naked against countless diabolical perpetrators of violently cold-blooded hatred and lies,

For your most egregiously stabbing candor; wherein the absolute truth that you always chose to fearlessly utter; could very well give the first and last heart-attack; to just about anyone whose parasitic guilt was exposed,

For your most unflinching belief in the law of fecund proliferation; wherein you procreated limitless more like your very own on planet divine; without even a
sordid penny in your pocket; and with the unstoppable laughter of the entire
planet to heartlessly bear,

For your most incessantly unshakable proclamation to the planet; to selflessly serve every fraternity of despairing living kind in order to reach the Almighty Lord; rather than wasting innumerable hours and donations to polish and pray infront of his stone

For your most immutably priceless ideal; that the power of Immortal Love was the most inimitably Omnipotent power on earth; when virtually everyone else on the globe today felt; that the currency coin was the other name of God,

For your most fanatically dedicated days; wherein you refrained to budge even an inch from your dwelling; endlessly writing and majestically absorbed in the craft of perennial poetry; whereas the planet outside boisterously tick-tocked from 9 to 9 earning fathomless currency coin,

O! Yes; even if after all this; there was anyone who would still accept you for whatever you were in today’s sleazily monstrous planet; then it wasn’t your Father; Mother; Grandfather; Grandmother; Brother; Sister; Beloved; Wife or an infinite more relations of the likes; but it was forever; unconquerably and solely
the Omniscient Almighty Lord.


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