United We Stand, Divided We Fall

The solitary plant on soil shook to the most minuscule draught of wind; buckled miserably under the influence of passing breeze,
While it was the cluster of trees which appeared resilient against the most tumultuous of storm; stood like a formidable fortress as the air whizzed past
their demeanor in cyclonic succession.

A single cloud in the sky looked disdainful; lingered lackadaisically without
precipitating for hours on the trot,
While it was the conglomerate of dense clouds in the cosmos; that showered
rain unrelentingly; inundating every barren patch on earth with exotic water.

The flame of the wax candle flickered flirtatiously; as the sultry night started to take a complete stranglehold on the day,
While it was the crackling bonfire that blazed tenaciously through the darkness; profoundly illuminating the cloistered environment with dazzling rays of hope.

The puddle of water looked contemptuous; lying desolate after the monsoons;
anxiously waiting to evaporate into thin wisps of oblivion,
While it was the ocean with an ensemble of swirling waves; rising high and
flamboyant towards the sky; that was able to bear the weight of ships; transport millions of passengers from one destination to another.

A single goat philandering on the hills looked pretty forlorn; aimlessly loitering around; groping wildly for the right path as the complexion of day transited into ephemeral dusk,
While it was the cluster of sheep which ambled audaciously; manipulated the
meandering paths of the terrain; to reach their destination with supreme safety.

One soldier facing the marching enemies abysmally succumbed; collapsing in a
petrified heap at the sight of gleaming guns and bombs,
While it was the battalion of stalwarts who fought valiantly till they relinquished breath; dexterously swishing their swords to annihilate the advancing army.

As a single eye searched for the inconspicuous needle; trying to unearth it
from amidst heaps of rotten leaves and corn; the task seemed virtually insurmountable; with sighs of exasperation piercing loud and stringent through
the atmosphere,
While it was only when several eyeballs rotated all around; were they able to
spot the diminutive metal camouflaged subtly beneath a green banana skin.

The manager looked disgruntled; making flagrant blunders as he buried his head
in submission under a sheaf of monotonous papers; trying to run the company
solely on his own,
While it was only when a team of professionals assembled together; executed
their tasks to immaculate perfection; that the business prospered; became a
name to cherish in the community.
And a single stick of candy snapped ludicrously into multiple fragments; the
instant I applied on it the slightest of pressure,
While it was the united bundle of sticks; which incorrigibly refrained to distort an inch; Infact gained loads more of raw strength; with each
attempt of mine to wholesomely decimate it.


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