With rain; comes cheer,
With pride; comes downfall,
With satisfaction; comes richness,
With adventure; comes exuberance,
With speed; comes exhilaration,
With benevolence; comes mankind,
With religion; comes conflict,
With poverty; comes starvation,
With joke; comes laughter,
With dreamgirl; comes fantasy,
With contentment; comes prosperity,
With mission; comes ambition,
With triumph; comes fulfillment,
With dream; comes enchantment,
With flower; comes scent,
With breeze; comes serenity,
With moonlight; comes bliss,
With storm; comes passion,
With sea; comes vivaciousness,
With war; comes belligerence,
With pompousness; comes destruction,
With perseverance; comes success,
With determination; comes concentration,
With ornaments; comes embellishments,
With nightingale; comes melody,
With nonchalance; comes failure,
With rainbow; comes vibrancy,
With earthquake; comes devastation,
With togetherness; comes caring,
With earth; comes vitality,
With marriage; comes festivity,
With tea; comes rejuvenation,
With dance; comes titillation,
With fish; comes agility,
With blink; comes mischief,
With youth; comes impulse,
With manipulation; comes deploration,
With mania; comes insanity,
With interaction; comes intimacy,
With intimidation; comes fear,
With castle; comes grandiloquence,
With reptile; comes poison,
With wine; comes intoxication,
With poem; comes poignancy,
With business; comes lechery,
With dirt; comes disease,
With night; comes rhapsody,
With muscle; comes might,
With commitment; comes conviction,
With art; comes glorification,
With mountains; comes fortification,
With teamwork; comes inspiration,
With children; comes newness,
With diligence; comes achievement,
With drought; comes misery,
With cherry; comes delight,
With eloquence; comes smartness,
With acclimatization; comes versatility,
With sharing; comes bondage,
With agony; comes vindication,
With trends; comes change,
With vigor; comes flamboyance,
With beauty; comes connoisseurs,
With nostalgia; comes past,
With oldness; comes decay,
With activity; comes boisterousness,
With battle; comes bloodshed,
With belief; comes resilience,
With romance; comes dream,
With passion; comes ignition,
With salt; comes tanginess,
With diamond; comes scintillation,
With star; comes resplendence,
With caress; comes magnetism,
With prudence; comes foresight,
With aim; comes means,
With mastery; comes perfection,
With divine; comes bliss,
With brotherhood; comes immortality,
With butterfly; comes frolic,
With experience; comes maturity,
With flight; comes enthrallment,
With mirror; comes reflection,
With vibration; comes tingling,
With shadow; comes enigma,
With patriotism; comes renaissance,
With cynosure; comes glitteratti,
With dwelling; comes retreat,
With quilt; comes warmth,
With slavery; comes repugnance,
With lies; comes hate,
With lime; comes freshness,
With cowardice; comes regret,
With wolves; comes barking,
With clairvoyance; comes unpredictability,
With abeyance; comes despair,
With success; comes confidence,
With introspection; comes improvement,
With serenity; comes sedation,
With umbrella; comes shelter,
With grass; comes captivation,
With sheep; comes wool,
With bees; comes pandemonium,
With manipulation; comes mayhem,
With yearning; comes remorse,
With atheism; comes dwindling,
With cataract; comes obscurity,
With oblivion; comes dilapidation,
With sleep; comes reinvigoration,
With obsession; comes possession,
With mosquito; comes pertinence,
With vomiting; comes repulsion,
With undulations; comes mysteries,
With smiles; comes amiability,
With stagnation; comes doom,
With flair; comes dynamism,
With hugs; comes sensuousness,
With demons; comes abhorrence,
With facsimile; comes humiliation,
With flatulence; comes indigestion,
With partiality; comes desperation,
With risk; comes uncanniness,
With negligence; comes halfheartedness,
With cinema; comes entertainment,
With falsification; comes worthlessness,
With dangling; comes looseness,
With punch; comes doughtiness,
With pinch; comes naughtiness,
With birthdays; comes jubilation,
With ostentation; comes foolhardiness,
With expectations; comes longing,
With stitching; comes firmness,
With accomplishment; comes wholeness,
With target; comes focus,
With monsoons; comes mysticism,
With trespassing; comes revolt,
With bullet; comes hostility,
With sorrow; comes freezing,
With snow; comes freezing,
With rehabilitation; comes betterment,
With astuteness; comes dexterity,
With masquerade; comes concealment,
With emeralds; comes glow,
With utopia; comes perpetuality,
With ulcers; comes discomfort,
With traffic; comes congestion,
With crippling; comes debilitation,
With worms; comes acrimoniousness,
With apprehension; comes circumspection,
With command; comes authority,
With community; comes friendship,
With eccentricity; comes isolation,
With solidarity; comes divine,
With irony; comes detestation,
With shivering; comes nervousness,
With amalgamation; comes power,
With emancipation; comes salvation,
With setbacks; comes realization,
With echo; comes reverberation,
With rhyme; comes reason,
With semblance; comes normalcy,
With health; comes stamina,
With quavering; comes hypertension,
With diversion; comes adroitness,
With corpulence; comes disorders,
With resolution; comes purpose,
With elastic; comes flexibility,
With desire; comes ecstasy,
With tuberculosis; comes coughing,
With cruise; comes vastness,
With corporates; comes professionalism,
With gloom; comes deprivation,
With games; comes uninhibition,
With camel; comes perseverance,
With experience; comes expertise,
With blending; comes cuisine,
With pandemonium; comes crisis,
With halitosis; comes aversion,
With discovery; comes thrill,
With infatuation; comes longing,
With trees; comes oxygen,
With dimples; comes blushing,
With departure; comes tragedy,
With giant; comes magnification,
With fiction; comes imagination,
With etiquette; comes civilization,
With effort; comes dividends,
With sordidness; comes fever,
With surplus; comes rejection,
With routine; comes synchronization,
With globalization; comes progress,
With insects; comes pertinence,
With power; comes responsibility,
With breath; comes life,
With conscience; comes truth,
With mother; comes God,
With unity; comes humanity.


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