Unparalleled Winner

Not even when the most majestic palaces on this Universe were copiously laid in the bare of my palms; only to be blown away to infinitesimal dust; to the tiniest of my whims and aristocratic commands,

Not even when the most undefeated flamboyant Sun perennially carved a
path of infallible victory for me-on every conceivable step that I tread; and even in the heart of murderously wholesome blackness,

Not even when the most ravishingly ecstatic clouds in the cosmos knelt in due obeisance at my doorstep; waiting for that single tap of my finger-which’d prompt them to rain or not to thunderously rain,

Not even when the most celestially golden dewdrops refrained to be crushed and evaporate; until I had profusely made love and uninhibitedly kissed all of them,

Not even when the most invincibly iridescent of stars altruistically became my pillow to sleep; forever transporting an infinite dormitories of my brain into the aisles of unbreakable fantasy and sheer utopia,

Not even when the most hideously acrimonious of thorns on this unending Universe—metamorphosed themselves into a carpet of seductive silk beneath my feet; and on each path that I was destined to transgress,

Not even when the most boundless gardens of sensuous roses and unabashed flowers; rose towards the highest epitomes in the sky in sheer rhapsody; as I merely exhaled my breath on their dainty stems,

Not even when the most jubilantly swaying forests of desire; endlessly showered their flurry of succulent fruit upon my forehead—so that the word ‘hunger’ never ever crept in the dictionary of my existence,

Not even when the most pricelessly inimitable of ornaments cascaded solely upon me and unstoppably from fathomless sky; to make me the richest organism ever to breathe upon the trajectory of planet divine,

Not even when the most cadaverously fetid of corpses; became the ultimate elixir of life; as I cast my shadow upon the morbid graveyards for just a single instant,

Not even when the most inexhaustibly ticking of time stopped when I said; and then restarted upon my tiniest insinuation from my chamber of unlimitedly eccentric dreams,

Not even when the most unassailably vivacious of rainbows; replenished every disastrously frazzled nerve of my impoverished existence; with timeless strokes of enchanting color and unconquerable charm,

Not even when the most ferociously undulating and stormy oceans; held each of my advancing footsteps like firm soil; as I ran over their waves to magically rejoice with the cotton wool of voluptuous clouds,

Not even when the most unfathomably ghastly devils on this inexhaustible Universe; disdainfully collapsed like a pack of frigid matchsticks at the most invisible of my breath,

Not even when the most imperceptible of my caress on fecund soil; gave instantaneous birth to an infinite new sapling of an optimistic tomorrow; insuperably impregnating the atmosphere with pristine and new-found life,

Not even when the most coveted honors and awards on this earth were thrown dime a dozen into my lap—kept augmenting all the more as I nonchalantly threw them one by one into the abominable slush pile,

Not even when the most dreadfully incarcerating of disease metamorphosed themselves into pure and royal nectar- -the moment that they inadvertently entered into my poignant bloodstream,

Not even when the entire map—every tangible and intangible nook and cranny of this planet; indefinitely embedded itself into my brain; as I became the world’s most fastest and prodigial living computer,

But I’d definitely consider myself an unparalleled winner; when irrespective of anything superior happening or not happening to me; true love found its way right into the center of my passionate heart—and then remained there forever and ever and ever- -bountifully nourishing and connecting each pulse of my existence directly with the Omnipotent Lord.


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