Unpardonable Crime

To enter it was as easy as the wail of a freshly born child; as you suddenly escalated to the absolutely unprecedented summit; of awesome power,
While you found yourself lambasted to threadbare bits of inconspicuous dust; the very instant you decided to wholesomely relinquish its; preposterously ghastly swirl.

To enter it you didn’t require the slightest of guts; as the profusely overwhelming cascade of lethal guns in your hand; made you feel more powerful than the most indomitable of prince,
While you transited into an infinitesimal pool of disdainful mosquito curry; the very instant you decided to quit its heinously gory swirl; for good.

To enter it you didn’t need even the slightest of brainwork; as the profound feeling of raw power sunk deep into your malevolently prejudiced soul,
While you had the worst nightmare of your life which incorrigibly refrained to end; the very instant you tried to spit on its derogatory web of insidious lechery.

To enter it was the most lucrative moment of your impoverished life; as you envisaged nothing but castles of glittering gold on even the most sordidly
remorseful step; that you tread,
While you got kicked worse than the orphaned stone; in lunatic whirlpools of your own blood; the very instant you even thought a ludicrous fraction; of relinquishing it forever and ever and ever.

To enter it was a live life kingsize dream for you; with fathomless territories of innocuously opulent land; diminutively reeling under your savagely merciless authority,
While you relentlessly wailed worse than an agonizingly dying man; embedding your feet deeper and deeper into the morbid graveyard; the very instant you perceived even the tiniest of abdicating; its uncouthly barbaric swirl.

To enter it all you needed was an ungainly bunch of surreptitiously hideous contacts; as you proudly envisaged yourself to be one day seated on the throne of this entire Universe,
While you had veritably no saliva left in your mouth to swallow; the very instant you resolutely planned to abnegate; its treacherously bloodstained dormitory.

To enter it you had perhaps waited all your life; conceiving silken luxury to perennially kiss your penuriously devastated footstep; and that too within the wink of an eye,
While you found yourself devouring garbage left over by the pigs for centuries immemorial; the very instant you eventually realized; and wanted to forever shun
its uncouthly parasitic caress.

To enter it was the most ego satisfying time for you; as you could now ruthlessly slap back all those who had even inadvertently scratched you; with the unfathomably invidious power of dastardly weaponry,
While you irrefutably didn’t get even the most mercurial of chance to sight the morning Sun once again; the very instant you benevolently resolved; to abandon its ghoulishly forlorn dungeon of meaninglessness.

And to enter it all you had to do was sporadically utter the word CRIME; and Lo! Behold there was some salacious gangster or the other fervently waiting there to optimally exploit your innocence to the most unsurpassable limits,

While you insensitively scrubbed your entity from this earth forever with your own blood laden hands; the very instant you took a solemn pledge; to vanquish its
menacingly slandering territory.


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