Unstoppable was the crimson blood circulating ecstatically through the veins; indefatigably pumping the most stupendously vivacious elements of existence
in the every organisms body; symbiotically alike,

Unstoppable was the rain euphorically pelting down from fathomless sky; relentlessly inundating impoverished territories of destitute land; with globules of spell binding enchantment,

Unstoppable were the rays of the ferociously blazing Sun; fearlessly disseminating its Omnipotent shine; to even the most obfuscated cranny of this gigantically enthralling Universe,

Unstoppable was the intransigently unending tick-tocking of time; gloriously throbbing with palpable life; meticulously synchronizing the entire planet; and for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Unstoppable was the swirl of the majestically undulating ocean; fulminating into a fountain of unfathomably priceless froth; even in the heart of the perilously blackened night,

Unstoppable was the flame of unassailable desire; uncontrollably proliferating till realms beyond infinite infinity; tantalizing every breathing entity in its magically compassionate incantation,

Unstoppable was the attraction between two opposite sexes; inevitably drawing all humanity close; irrespective of the barriers of caste; creed and worthless color,

Unstoppable was the thunderously volatile prowl of the famished lion; as he royally paraded through the undercurrents of the inscrutable forests; with fires of unparalleled superiority blazing in his eyes,

Unstoppable was the dream of benevolent goodness; miraculously healing even the most traumatically bereaved; with the Omniscient ointment of eternally righteous mankind,

Unstoppable was silken flight of the regally charismatic bird; as it handsomely soared through the clouds of fantastic titillation and vibrancy; magnificently kissing the mists of perennial yearning on its odyssey down towards mother earth,

Unstoppable was the song of the impregnably princely nightingale; perpetuating even the most sordidly dreary of spaces on this colossal Universe; with triumphantly exuberant melody,
Unstoppable was the leap of irrefutably sparkling truth; as it reigned supreme as the most invincible idol alive; harmoniously transpiring the endless planet to take birth profoundly; for centuries unprecedented,

Unstoppable was the marvelously ubiquitous innocence of the newly born infant; irrefutably transcending over all richness of this unfathomable planet; bountifully embracing the spirit of uninhibitedly immaculate freedom,

Unstoppable was the wind of ebulliently unconquerable passion; metamorphosing even the most impossibly intractable of circumstances; into a celestially scintillating paradise,

Unstoppable was the cry of timeless liberation; the unbelievably resurgent force with which countless galloped forward to bond in threads of amiable friendship; far away from the dungeons of retributory malice,

Unstoppable was the jubilantly blazing patriotism of the soldier; who lived immortally in the hearts of the nation; even after relinquishing his very last breath for his sacrosanct motherland,

Unstoppable was path of fabulously victorious conscience; which unsparingly annihilated even the most capricious trace of salaciously heinous evil and lies; with the swords of truth divine,

Unstoppable was sensuously ravenous breath in the body; expunging out with a tumultuous fervor; that made even the most treacherous of devils to blend with
the chords of synergistic existence,

Unstoppable was the magically Omnipotent rhythm of the passionate heart; with each of its wonderfully burgeoning beats; eternally coalescing with all love and resplendent congeniality; on this unending planet,

And unstoppable was my ardor to write poetry; flood every bit of barren space on this incomprehensibly vivid planet with the fragrance of love and humanity; spawning into an entrenchment of perpetual bliss; even after I abdicated my last droplet of blood; even after I forever shed my last breath.


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