Until And Unless

My eyes incorrigibly refused to move; remaining stubbornly mute for centuries immemorial,
Until and Unless; the impeccable whites of your enamoring sight; perpetually
interlocked with their sporadically twinkling shine.

My toes irrevocably refused to transgress a single step; pathetically freezing like a mountain of treacherously crippled logs,
Until and Unless; the delectable tinkle of your immaculately divine feet; perpetually interlocked with their boisterous exuberance.

My lips intransigently refused to smile; resembling the murderously gory
interiors of corpse; even in their celestial prime,
Until and Unless; the rubicund pink of your innocuously tantalizing cheeks;
perpetually interlocked with their new found happiness.

My neck dogmatically refused to drift; ludicrously stoning itself like a lame pillar; even as the entire beauty of this wonderful planet crept by,
Until and Unless; the compassionate tenderness down your ravishing spine; perpetually interlocked with its euphoria to surge forward in vibrant life.

My fingers belligerently refused to write; ridiculously retreating into a shell of rotting nothingness; even as majestic artistry fulminated in their veins,
Until and Unless; the untamed mysticism in your seductive palms; perpetually
interlocked with their resilience rising above the sky.

My stomach venomously refused to eat; starving itself to unprecedented limits; even as lecherously sank deeper and deeper into my grave,
Until and Unless; the voluptuous charm of your ambiguously titillating belly; perpetually interlocked with its uncanny urge to relish the unknown.

My brain vindictively refused to fantasize; drowning itself into a blanket of harrowing sadness; even as the most royal fantasy on this earth blissfully caressed it from all sides,
Until and Unless; the unfathomably grandiloquent reservoir of your mind; perpetually interlocked with its yearning; to blossom into euphoric radiance.

My breath tumultuously refused to diffuse; strangulating me to a countless deaths; inspite of all the oxygen on this planet lingering near my intricate nostrils,
Until and Unless; the Omnipotent aura of your mesmerizing countenance; perpetually interlocked with its ebullient redolence; from all sides.

And my heart vehemently refused to beat; freezing to a pool of frigidly morbid ice; even as torrential rains of insurmountable passion descended down from the sky,
Until and Unless; the profusely poignant palpitations dancing in your Godly chest; perpetually interlocked with its immortal urge; to disseminate the essence of peace; humanity; brotherhood; and symbiotically survive.


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