Until You Veritably Die!

You might hide an infinite feet beneath the frostily undulating waves of the ocean; or entirely camouflage every single bone of your shivering silhouette within the untamed wilderness of the tropically unabashed forest,

You might hide in the most infinitesimally blackened corners of ghastly midnight; or seek dastardly refuge behind the bars of the most unassailably diabolical prison,

You might hide fretfully beneath an unsurpassably Herculean mountain of mud; or obfuscate even the tiniest trace of your demeanor from worldly eyes; fearfully crawling into the interiors of the artificially look alike corpse,

You might hide behind the most imperturbably thorny cactuses of the fathomless desert; or impregnate every conceivable pore of your naked skin with the most
tenaciously invincible jackets of steel,

You might hide on the most intangibly remotest islands of obsolescence; or keep unrelentingly rolling in acrimoniously sweltering sand; until every part of your nimble body looked no different from those threadbare granules of mud,

You might hide in the most farthermost dungeons of the haplessly extinct mortuary; or try and escape as far as possible from the trajectory of earth; an infinite miles beyond the clouds in the contemporary spacecraft,

You might hide in the most invisibly claustrophobic vents of the miserably deflated gutterpipe; or try and spend the remainder of your life a countless kilometers behind; unconquerably thick walls of snow,

You might hide in the wholesomely flabbergasted horizons of nothingness; or enter your entire form into the body of such a scepter; which could defend you against the most mightiest forces and enemies on earth,

You might hide in the myriad colors of the rainbow praying your very best for the shades to wholesomely overpower you; or live your entire life in deceitful disguise; disdainfully slithering in the squalid swamps alongwith the alligators,

You might hide amidst the already lifeless carcasses of dead men and women; or run faster than the speed of white lightening; to fly to the most safest place on this enigmatic Universe,

You might hide in the tallest grasses which waved their green stalks till eternity; or keep endlessly darting for unconquerable shelter here and there; till the last puff of breath exhausted in your lungs,
You might hide amidst the roots of insuperably century old tree; or cunningly sink beneath innumerable layers of unshakable iron; which could unflinchingly withstand the onslaught of every superpower on planet earth,

You might hide in the most inconsequentially forgotten events of the oblivious attic; or scream your lungs hoarse for every comprehensible source of help; on
this magnetically fructifying planet,

You might hide in the comfortable hollows of the gigantically impenetrable dinosaur’s ear; or bury yourself in dreadful shame under a hillock of fetid feces; of
the flaccidly squandering pig,

You might hide in the lap of your perpetually venerated mother; or cry a boundless tears every single minute; asking for more time and space in your life,

You might hide in the most obscured caverns of the demonically echoing well; or hire every single organism on earth to guard you 24 X 7; with the power of
your unlimitedly scintillating wealth,

You might hide in the deepest fronds of slippery satin; or abashedly cover every contour of your face and form with the most embellished of veil; just like a
newly wedded nubile bride,

You might hide in the mortuaries of hell bribing the sadistically massacring devil for transient refuge; or keep adroitly absconding from place to another; so that not even the most diminutive of your footprints could be irrefutably traced,

And go wherever you desperately wanted to; do whatever you eclectically wanted to; hide as much as you salaciously wanted to; but remember O! impoverished man; that whenever your moment to leave this planet as chosen by the Almighty Lord arrives; death will chase you; strangulate you; completely finish you; irrespective of your caste; creed; status; color or tribe; until the last puff of breath exhausts in your lungs; and until you veritably die.


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