As the amber ball of sun peeped from white puffs of clouds,
weak and languid beams of light caressed the earth,
engulfing pitch dark blackness with faint rays of dawn,
prompting abrupt closures of artificial light,
there rose sporadic urges in the body to walk past barriers of sleep.

as the football of blazing light grew colossal in size,
acrid rays of light fell stringently on the ocean,
heating suspended dust and concrete tower,
illuminating the atmosphere with dazzling Sunshine,
there arose thunderous urges in the body to start work.

as the molten island of fire began sinking behind the mountain,
faded pink currents of light overpowered the day,
cool waves of air descended down the network of roads,
naturally lit mulitfloor offices transited to murky grey,
there arose hasty urges in the body to return back to return to the place of dwelling.

as the golden web of steam finally disappeared from boundaries of vision,
overpowering darkness taking a stranglehold on light,
vehicular traffic now between few and sparse on the carpet of road,
gruesome blackness imprisoning every iota of land and space,
there arose an universal need in the body to hide beneath the blanket and sleep.


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