Use Your Heart

Use your nails to scratch stale paint from walls; peel off the rust from
indispensable commodities for survival,

Use your toes to poke someone frivolously in the ribs; hoist intricate pieces
of cloth strewn on the floor,

Use your eyes to distinguish between the sacrosanct and the devil; swirling
them rampantly in all directions to grasp the beauty of the universe,

Use your fingers to scribble infinite lines of literature; seize all those in
a vise like grip trying to massacre the law,

Use your legs to walk unrelentingly in the sun; indiscriminately kick all
those pernicious impediments that confront your way,

Use your nose to breathe in gallons of fresh air; detect fragrance and
obnoxious stench in the atmosphere with equality,

Use your arms to embrace all those afflicted with pain; profusely loving the
ones you cherish,

Use your teeth to scrupulously masticate food; evacuate lethal poison from
innocuous skin bitten by snake,

Use your brain to decipher baffling enigmas of life; make planet earth a
better place to inhabit,

Use your lips to produce philanthropic smiles; spread the ubiquitous message
of congenial friendship,

Use your affluence to lead a luxurious life; showering the same on those
engulfed with tumultuous distress and pain,

Use your power to assassinate evil from its faintest trace; fighting
incessantly for those oppressed in the society,

Use your ears to decode the minutest of sound; inundate barren arenas of your
soul with melodious music,

Use your hair to cushion the impact of blows on your scalp; letting it glisten
in the sunlight to impart warmth,

Use your blood to save someone on the threshold of death; donating it in
bountiful amounts to those who require it the most,

Use your breath to tickle the grass blades; impregnate the chilly ambience
with loads of passionate energy,

Use your bones to work tirelessly; executing them meticulously to their
complete potential,

Use your voice to pacify the hot blooded; propagating the message of peace
with tenacity,

Use your life to achieve and construct and discover; procreating your progeny
to serve humanity with grace,

And use your heart to uninhibitedly love; inculcate the spirit of perpetual
caring in the ones you ever encounter.


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