Uttering Her Name

When I battered my fists against the acerbic strips of glass; infinite pores on my skin started to bleed profusely,
However when I did the same uttering her name; the glass broke into an ocean of splinters; and my hand escaped unhurt without a scratch.

When I indignantly stopped my nose from inhaling breath; I let out marathon gasps after a few seconds,
However when I did the same uttering her name; I could hold on much longer in my deplorable attempt.

When I inscribed a jugglery of design with a knife on my bare chest; I felt capsized by tumultuous pain,
However when I attempted doing the same loudly chanting her name; the anguish seemed to vanish into thin wisps of oblivion.

When I tried masticating metal with my fortress of teeth; I swooned on the ground unconscious with a cluster of them strewn beside my scalp,
However when I proceeded to do the same whispering her mystical name; the disdainful metal transited to silken honey.

When I tried to pummel the wall boisterously striking my impetuous knuckles;
my fingers contracted a series of multiple fracture,
However when I did the same uttering her name; the mighty wall broke and the bricks came tumbling down.

When I clambered the slippery slopes of the treacherous mountain; I lost my footing midway; hurtling down towards the earth head on,
However when I tried doing the same singing her name; the mountain summit looked like a piece of cake; and I conquered the same in flash seconds of time.

When I tried consuming vials of poison; indispensable blood froze abruptly in my veins;
my silhouette lay numb; with a deathly blue incorporating my body,
However when I drank the same uttering her name; the venom converted itself into pure milk; and I bounced merrily with resplendent euphoria.

When I leapt from unprecedented heights of the edifice; I struck the earth with tremendous velocity; staying in perpetual coma for days,
However when I committed the same feat uttering her name; the ground I landed turned itself into spongy Dunlop; and I got rejuvenated by the through stimulation.

When I walked on blazing fires barefoot; the inner soles of my feet were rendered maim for the remainder of my life,
However when I executed the same calling her name; burning embers of the insidious fire felt like refrigerated ice; tickling my demeanor extravagantly.

I had lived all my life in blissful contentment; envisaging the beauty of her mesmerizing fragrance,
And eventually when the time came to depart for my heavenly abode; I still didn’t feel the pain; as I faintly recited her sacrosanct name


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