Utterly Helpless

The cow; knew that the crow sitting on its back was a treacherous nuisance; tickling it on umpteenth number of places; when it actually wanted to blissfully rest,
But in the end she found herself completely helpless; as no matter how hard she swished her tail; the bird kept sitting; without incorrigibly budging even an inch.

The Majestic edifice standing tall on the road; knew that tremors occurring during the earthquake werereally unwanted,
But in the end it was helpless; as they inevitably kept coming; and despite the most severest of its resilience; weakened its foundations beyond safety limits.

The gargantuan Oak tree; knew that the snakes crawling on its formidable periphery; disrupted its serenity and tranquil shade,
But in the end it was miserably helpless; for as the years unveiled its crevices grew; and the hooded monsters kept proliferating in dozens; although it tried its best to kill them with its juice.

The ocean sprawled over a billion kilometers of territory; knew that the choppy waves rising high; broke its mystical spell and dreams,
But in the end it was completely helpless; as the harder it tried the more the waters swirled; and a tumultuous storm enveloped the entire surface; causing the froth
erupt towards the sky.

The granules of earth sprinkled all around; knew that ploughing them would give them agony; massacre their virginity beyond their capacity to redeem,
But in the end they found themselves disastrously helpless; as man kept digging them with greed in his eyes; till the time he struck pitchers of glittering gold.

The hot cakes sizzling on the grills; knew that the bees hovering around would painstakingly devour their sweetness; render their sponginess with
innumerable number of holes,
But in the end they were helpless; as try as hard as they could; the flies kept buzzing feasting on their appetizing surface; till the time they satisfied their gluttony.

The tongue suspended in chamber of the mouth; knew that its demeanor would be reduced to rotten garbage; the instant it blurted out abuses,
But in the end it was totally helpless; as even after resolving in the name of Almighty lord; it exhaled out the most abashing of bad words; when provoked by the passing pedestrian.

The clusters of blossoming rose; knew that the parasites clambering up their stalk would render them fragile and lifeless,
But in the end they were wholesomely helpless; as the more they tried to defend themselves with their sparse thorns; the more the army of leeches enjoyed in
sucking them to emptiness.

And I as a poet; knew that working in office with a monotonous bunch of morons; would vanquish all my creativity; annihilate the passionate fantasy revolving in my mind from its very roots,

But in the end; I found myself stumbling at every instant of life and utterly helpless; as; If I wanted to survive in this uncouth society; I had to substitute fantasy with bulky checkbooks; chop my dreams in entirety with the sword of commercialism; in
order to feed me and my wife with sumptuous food; rise with her early at dawn; to confront a new tomorrow.


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