Horrendously weird was not the term to describe it; speak about it even an inconspicuous trifle,

Satanically ghastly was not the image that befitted it; able to perceive it in the most faintest of its form,

Barbarically Murderous was not the expletive adept for it; hardly able to portray an evanescent glimpse of its worthless virtue,

Uncouthly indiscriminate was not the way it could be explicitly explained; discussed about even in the most ephemeral of perception prevailing and possible,

Intolerably repulsive was not the adjective that highlighted it; miserably floundering to envelop it even in its most obscurest of its treacherous shadows,

Diabolically stinking was not the odor that wafted from it; proving insurmountably miserly in front of its savage grace,

Overwhelmingly corpse like was not the depth to assign it; proving more diminutive than a mosquito in front of its fathomless valley inundated with bloody sins,

Repugnantly cacophonic was not the sound which diffused from it; got completely overshadowed when you witnessed its vindictively threatening caricature,

Utterly penurious was not the acronym fit to depict its wealth; stumbled unrelentingly when compared with its abysmally hollow ocean of brittle pearls,

Pathetically cowardly was not the attribute to christen it with; as its tales of merciless barbarism had gruesomely assassinated many a divinely smile,

Feverishly distorted was not the synonym to address it; as it was the most hideously nefarious thing that could ever have existed on this Universe,

Acrimoniously thorny was the shape to describe it; as it fell deafeningly down in it own eyes; every time it tried to hoist up from hard ground,

Brutally ill willed was not the emotion to annotate it; as it lived the entire quota of its baseless life in realms of deplorably diminishing hell,

Gloomily morbid was not the quality it harnessed; as it dug its own graveyard on every lane it transgressed,

Hopelessly frustrated was not the idea it harbored; as it oozed more tears than the whole planet weeping at a single time together,

Menacingly cruel was not the wave it spread; as it salaciously charred all who came in its swirl; into threadbare granules of black ash,

Inexorably blood thirsty was not the accolade it deserved; as it spread rivers deluged with innocuous blood across every territory of this boundlessly colossal Universe,

And the most ‘Abhorrently hated of all’ was a phrase still too less for it to be named with; as it was a jargon which every dictionary on this soil would gladly have liked to terminate,

O! yes the devil I am talking about; has made us kill each other like animals in our very own homes; has made us an imprisoned slave in God’s most sacred paradise; has made us breathe hostile fire from our nostrils instead of blissful breath,

And even before I eventually tell you the word; I fervently wish from my heart that all of you forget it; for after all it’s the worst word of all words; infact a small figment of your own stupid creation called VIOLENCE.


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