When i tried to masquerade in the voice of a woman,
tuned decibels of my voice to effeminately soft frequency,
trying to whisper like a dainty maiden boisterous in youth,
the result was abashingly bad, as all i ended up doing,
was like a eunuch wailing his woes on the vacant street.

when i tried to emulate the voice of humming bird,
attempting to chirp with emphatic authority,
mesmerizing arid patches of air with placid tunes,
drowning a majority of animals in spells of my infectious sound,
all i ended up doing was sputter like a parrot replicating its masters voice.

when i tried to duplicate the voice of a dog,
growling fiercely with spurts of tenacity and vigour,
snaring my teeth as if thoroughly infuriated,
the actual monsters on the street stared at me ambiguous suspicion,
smelt intricate parts of my body, discarding me as an outcast from their community.

eventually when i discovered my own tongue to speak,
the effect of my sonorous voice was stupendously enchanting,
it easily surpassed the effects of all voices i tried to imitate,
thus teaching me a lesson to speak in the dialect and sound i naturally possessed,
the voice that was 100% mine.


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